Best Countertop Water Filter

The good thing about the water filtration systems is you can find immense versatility according to your choice and requirements. However, if your hunt is all about easy to manage, use, and low power consumption filtration setup, a best countertop filter will be a “Right” fit for your clean drinking water needs.

Countertop filtration systems often come with gravity filtering (place link here) technology, so you’ll find yourself relaxed from the heck of electricity costs. But what about other filtration technologies? And which countertop drinking water filter is the best value for your money?

Best Countertop Water Filter
Best Countertop Water Filter in 2020

The same “Fuss” was boggling in my mind when I considered to bring a best water filter system in my house. So, with a combination of great knowledge and my personal experience with this sort of gadgets, today’s topic is all about solving filter’s calculus with my unbiased countertop water filter reviews.

Moreover, I think you should also study the script for choosing a countertop filtration system before jumping into the buying zone. For that reason, I am also placing an authentic buying guide below, covering every aspect to judge a countertop water filter before making a final decision. Let’s take a look at how things look like;

Factors to Choose a Best Countertop Water Filter System:

Well, I won’t typically remind you about the ABC of countertop filters like budget, need, etc. But here, the story is going to be much different and practical for the right purchase of your appliance. So what is the math all about?

Digging Deep in the Water Quality Almost Solves the Equation
Using water testing kit

Digging Deep in the Water Quality Almost Solves the Equation

Treatment always starts by knowing the root cause. Likewise, this awesomely applies here. If you plan to go for a water filtering appliance for your home usage, then the true wisdom is to test your water supply first and match it with your filtering goal.
For this purpose, purchase a water testing kit and assume the water quality first. Low, moderate, or high, whatever will be the results, steer your search towards relative filter selection. And to know which filter techniques can do the job for you, I am listing down some best water filtration technologies to counter water impurities.

Filtering Technique Really Impacts the Results

While you are looking for a countertop filter, the quick tip is, go nuts about filtering technology. Countertop filters come with plenty of filtering mechanisms that can (very) and can’t (somewhat) comply with your needs. I am listing some of the most popular and extensively used filtering technologies and their impact.

 Reverse Osmosis
Reverse Osmosis water filter

Reverse Osmosis – RO: Needs no introduction, though. Most popular, effective, affordable, and easy-to-maintain technology that handles the water filtration for both home and outdoor use. Produce much cleaner and healthier drinking water for family and individual use.

Distillation water filter process

Distillation: These types of filters don’t come in huge size, only viable to hold a few gallons of water for a group of 2-3 individuals. Here, the actual cleaning process is through the boiling of water and passing through a steam treatment to block all heavy metals, sediments, and microbes. This mechanism comes into play when a high level of purity is needed.

Water Dispenser

Dispenser: Mostly known as the Gravity Filters, as this type contains two-chamber vertically. Water flows from the upper chamber to the lower chamber without any power or electricity to complete this process. The Gravity mechanism does the job, and you can find here ceramic and chemical filtering. The chamber/container also comes in stainless steel material for some high-level results. This type of filter can cover from small to a large scale of gathering and consumption.

Ionizer water filter

Ionizer: This is an elite version of the filtration systems to produce sweet water and relatively expensive to maintain. Electrolysis is the process that improves the anti-oxidant potential and alkalinity of water to save you from minor to serious contaminants in the water. However, the coverage of this setup is low, and it only covers 1-2 persons.

Connection Type May Swing Your Mood

Connection Type May Swing Your Mood
Countertop water filtration system

As the countertop water filtration system comes in many options, there is a wider range of models to choose from. Mostly gravity filtration setup doesn’t need any power plug-in option, faucet attachments, and such other installations. So setting up this breed becomes a breeze.
However, you can also consider a countertop faucet water filter that mostly gets placed near the kitchen’s sink faucet. But then, you have to check the faucet model, size, and connection type as these specs vary from model to model.

Water Sanctuary is not a thing to ignore

As we have discussed different types of water filtering techniques, the water storage limit becomes a crucial thing to consider. Every filter system has a different water storage duration, after which the filtered supply becomes inconsumable for health and taste issues. So, watch out for filters that can bless you with long water storage duration
Apart from these points, you can diverse your search according to price, portability, and filtering lifetime and capacity.

Best Countertop Water Filter

AlcaPure Zero Installation Reverse Osmosis Purifier – Overall Best Countertop Water Filter

What Are The Best Countertop Water Filter?
AlcaPure Reverse Osmosis Countertop Water Filter

ir?t=aww101 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B0076CQXAQWhile if you are looking for something fancy and easy to use with a blend of high-end efficiency, Alcapure RO purifier is definitely going to win an over. With zero installation required, 4-stage filtration, easy maintenance, you can easily shortlist this plug-n-play like an appliance in your best countertop water filter’s list.

Carrying the RO filtering technology, the 4-stage filtering removes fluoride, pesticides, VOCs, and other impurities. The water faces the 5-micron sediment filter to remove sediments, sand, and rust on the first stage.

Later on, the specialized coconut activated-carbon filter takes the water supply for odor removal and taste treatment. Moving on to the third stage, you find an NSF/ANSI 58 certified RO-filter to further polish the water supply. This filter allows you to achieve 75G of water filtration in a single day.

For the fourth part, here is a surprise for you. Alcapure gives you the flexibility to choose a filter of your choice from two specialized purposed filters. On one side, the alcapure filter is a prime choice to induce essential minerals in the water for much better taste and maintain the pH value from 7-8.

Your desire to maintain an alkalinity of water would be achieved through this filter.On the other hand side, there is an Onlipure filter that further polishes the water definition. Any contaminants or harmful impurities that are being left by the RO-filter get treated here.For the whole scenario, Alcapure RO filtration is a dual-purpose countertop drinking water filter.And the story doesn’t end here; there is a CE certified RO booster pump to keep this thing effortlessly delivering a noiseless and steady filtration.

Usually, fancy appliances irritate the user when it comes to the maintenance part. However, this table top water filter system doesn’t make things messy and annoying by giving you simple ways to replace the filters. The smart design includes a LED indicator to inform you about the status of filter replacement.

The LED indicator blinks red as a filter replacement or cleaning warning. For sediment filters, no worries till 12-month. For RO filter, impressively, you will be relaxed for somewhat 24-months afterward; you will have to welcome a filter replacement.
As far as the filtering speed and flow rate are concerned, you can fill 1 Gallon of tap water in a BPA-free plastic container.

lcapure delivers 0.5 gallons in 15 minutes, with a 50% recovery ratio. Through 1-hr estimation, you will be served with 2 gallons (6litres) extremely clean and tasty water. However, the recovery ratio is somewhat low, and many other competitors achieve around 70% to 80%.

  • A stylish, straightforward and well-built filtration system
  • Remarkable 4-stage filtering
  • The flexibility of choosing between alcapure or onlipure filter
  • Most extended filters lifespan
  • NSF/ANSI 58 certified
  • Filter cleaning alert LED indicators
  • Noiseless and seamless performance
  • No heck of installation and assembly – buy and drive like setup
  • 1-year limited warranty
  • The upper container just hold 0.5 gallons of water
  • Somewhat a low recovery ratio
Why should one buy this?
Alcapure countertop filtration system is a kind of all-in-one package featuring elegant aesthetics, crunchiest water filtering, and cream like usability. With flexibility in the filter’s department, you can really enjoy peace of mind regarding water quality and taste. Yes, the system needs electricity to work that makes it less practical in emergencies. However, if you are fed up with that Hose, faucets, and other adapters/connectors like setups, this machine would never disappoint you.

Crown Berkey Gravity Countertop: Sturdiest Countertop Water Filter

What Are The Best Countertop Water Filter?
Crown Berkey Gravity Countertop

ir?t=aww101 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B001CJM646ir?t=aww101 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B001CJM646While you look for a much durable, high flow rate and “strict on impurities” like setup, Crown Berkey is surely a one-stop solution for your drinking water problems. Berkey holds a variety of countertop water filters with Crown Variant as the advanced and largest model among the whole line up.

With Max 26GPH flow rate, the capacity to adjust max eight filters, stainless steel compartments, and as low as 0.2-micron filtering, Crown Berkey is true to its commitments of delivering a masterpiece filtration.Crown Berkey is not your small boy only restricted to handle a few individual water needs. With 30” of height and 11” diameter, you can also use it for a large group of individuals and family get-together.

And as a big countertop filter, it finds itself in the circle of home-use for small to big-families. From 2 to 8 filters can be adjusted in this setup, responsible for delivering a flow rate from 6 to 26GPH, respectively. Besides, the filter count also influences the quality of water filtering.

And suppose you ask me more about filtering abilities. There is a two-way filtering mechanism that allows you to enjoy healthier water, really safe from pathogens, sediments, heavy metals, and microbes as low as 0.2 microns.

The filter army includes two types of filters. In the first part, two black micro-porous filters remove the tiniest contaminants. While on the other side of the equation, you will have the PF2 fluoride filters responsible for removing fluoride, arsenic, pesticides chlorine, and other heavy materials. And don’t forget, when it comes to pathogens, Crown Berkey is the biggest enemy to this microbe.

Usually, pathogens always need laser or UV light treatment to leave their footsteps from water. However, we can’t thank enough for the two filtering procedure that removes such impurities in such a low cost and easy setup.

Furthermore, you also experience a decent life-span of filters. With PF2 filters rendering 1000 gallons or two-year duration, black micro-porous filter achieves 6000 gallons. Hence, this big boy won’t disturb you much for its low-cost maintenance.

However, you need to wash out and clean the filters very often due to a high flow rate supply. Likewise, you need to flush out the filters for 20 seconds on very first use.

Eventually, with such specs and goodies, Berkey Crown is capable enough that it exceeds the NSF/ANSI 53 standards. Such certification makes this countertop filtration system as the most recognizable setup in the market.

  • Easy setup without any plumbing and power setup
  • Low-cost maintenance as low as 80$ per year
  •  Most reliable stainless steel body and filter chambers
  •  Impressive flow rate
  •  Incredible 2-way filtering also removes pathogens
  • The best fluoride removal system in the market
  •  NSF/ANSI 53 certifications
  • Somewhat short 6-month warranty
  • Frequent cleaning of filters
Why should one buy this?
Crown Berkey being the most reliable and sturdiest filtration setup in the market, gives you the benefits of healthier and sweetest water with low-cost maintenance. The impressive flow rate makes this gadget a “Hot Pick” for family, functions, and gathering scenarios.


What Are The Best Countertop Water Filter?
APEX EXPRT MR-2050 Quality Dual Countertop Drinking Water Filter

ir?t=aww101 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B07GBKD2XMAPEX EXPRT launched the MR series, and we saw MR-1050 was performing exceptionally well in the market. However, the manufacturer thought of making MR series legacy more strong, MR-2050 dual countertop faucet filter hit the customer’s attention.

In comparison to a single countertop unit, MR-2050 carries dual channel to better support the filtration process. As it’s a dual countertop unit, so it’s obvious you’ll see some performance boost here.

The filtration stages have seen an increase in number with dual filters. In the first part, there is a 5-micron carbon blocker that restricts all the major and minor microbes’ contaminants. Moving to the next stage, the KDF-55 filter removes the sediments and odor-causing elements like chlorine, chloramine, benzene, radon, etc.

The KDF-55 Filter has gotten a dual job to perform. After removing these impurities, it also adds calcium, magnesium, potassium, and other minerals to fine-tune the water’s alkalinity. And how alkaline water overall helps your body? That’s a long story you might be aware of.

On the whole, the 5-stage filtering allows you to enjoy sweet and tastier water for your whole family.
And don’t worry about the maintenance job and cost. The lifespan of both filters is up to 750 gallons before a replacement knocks your door. Surely, the 750 gallons or 6-months of time coverage, replacement filters won’t break your bank at all.

On the installation part, there are not any technical mambos jumbos regarding setting up. Simple, straight, and most effortless assembly won’t sweat you a single drop even. It comes with a universal faucet connector and some additional faucet connectors, in-case you have some unique or much fancy sink in your kitchen.

In addition to this, the MR-2050 holds a 30-days 100% satisfaction money-back warranty. Apart from this, the overall warranty period is 1-year which is a decent value for your investment.

  • BPA-free and lead-free materials
  • 5-stage filtering removes all major contaminants from sink water
  • Add minerals to improve the alkalinity of water
  • Filter achiever 750 gallons of life
  • Easy installation with no flimsy hose setup
  • Cream like assembly with sturdy faucet connector
  • 1-year + 30days money back warranty
  • Bit expensive than its competitor
Why should one buy this?
APEX Mr-2050 is one of the most popular countertop faucet water filters in the market performing hassle-free filtration job. The ability to add essential minerals in the  water and all BPA-free material is a strong call for users who want to achieve good health through freshwater.

AQUA TRU Ultra Reverse Osmosis: Best RO Table Top Water Filter

What Are The Best Countertop Water Filter?
AQUA TRU Countertop Water Filtration Purification System

ir?t=aww101 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B01MDLMBKCBy looks, this thing could be the best tabletop water filter for the folks who are more into aesthetic games. But then, if you scratch down its specifications and capabilities, you will be amazed to know AQUA TRU brings the “Purest” water on your table. With Ultra-RO technology, 4-stage filtering, and ultra-fluoride cleaning from water, AQUA TRU stands in the list of most popular and best countertop water filters.

RO technology is a quite popular, effective, and widely used mechanism for water filtering. But seeing an “Ultra Reverse Osmosis” tag will definitely a “WAO” situation for you. For this technology, there is a semi-permeable membrane for molecules to pass through it. This way, the water gets 99% clean from the contaminants, and your water gets “Actually” clean.

Moreover, with this technology, there is 4-stage filtering to process highly purified water for your family. The first stage with pre-mechanical pre-filter does a sediment and turbidity removal job. On the 2nd and 3rd step, this appliance is packed with RO and US-made RO filter to remove the chlorine, massive particles, and metals, including lead, mercury, fluoride, chromium, and cysts.

The last stage is the activated carbon filter to improve water’s overall tasting by removing harmful pesticides, herbicides, chemicals, and other impurities.On the whole, AQUA Tru removes around 83 different types of impurities; thus, you can enjoy a more crystal clear water with your family. Though, you should note it doesn’t make the water alkaline.

Coming to the flow rate, Aqua Tru can deliver 1 gallon filtered water in the course of 12-15 minutes. You can estimate about 4-4.5 gallons in one hour. Also, this filter system is an electricity-powered setup, so you need to plug-in this device.
However, if you need a much easy-to-use system without a heck of electrical power and can be used in emergency situations, Crown Berkey can suit your needs.

Furthermore, the whole filter cartridge needs a two-time replacement in a year. Such a filter life span makes the scenarios tough for those who look for easy maintenance. However, if you prefer purity over money, this system is a sweet cream for you to handle.

The only thing that can be a thumbs down for this countertop filtration system is many compartments and few leakage reports. Some users have claimed the filtered water container leaks a bit after sometimes.Yet, a 30-day money-back guarantee and 1-year limited warranty can cover you in case of any misfortune.

  • Most stylish countertop filter with digital display
  • NSF/ANSI standard certified
  • Ultra-RO goes extra miles in the cleaning of water
  • 4-stage filtering
  • Decent Flow rates allow 4 gallons of water to get prepared for drinking in 1 hour
  • Removes Fluoride, Mercury, Cysts, and other heavy metals
  • Hold 1 Year limited warranty
  • An expensive tabletop water filter
  • Few reports of leakage
Why should one buy this?
Factually, the system is a bit expensive and covers the elite class. However, the popularity and hype are real as this machine can seriously process much cleaner water than ordinary RO filters. The ultra-Reverse-Osmosis technology hammers down 80+ harmful contaminants from your tap water supply; that is a wondrous thing to enjoy if you bit unsure about your water intake.

Home Master TMJRF2 Jr F2 – Best Budget Countertop Water Filter

What Are The Best Countertop Water Filter?
Home Master TMJRF2 Jr F2 Counter Top Water Filtration System

ir?t=aww101 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B005A3WRA8Are you looking for a cost-effective solution for fluoride and arsenic removal from your tap water supply? Look at this Home Master Jr F2 with much space-saving design, and with its 3-stage filtration channel, you can efficiently bring water out from harmful impurities.

The single sink-top water filter is easy to install with no special tools are required to make this thing workable. As it effectively removes over 93% of the fluoride, so you don’t need to go further for RO filter.

The reason behind it, it contains activated alumina filter that takes a hard dig on fluoride, arsenic, iron, mercury, and all other hard metals. Furthermore, it doesn’t use Reverse Osmosis filtration technique, so essential minerals like magnesium, potassium, and calcium remain intact with the water.

Consequently, if you are much concerned about water’s alkalinity, Master Jr F2 doesn’t is set to preserve it for more incredible health benefits. Furthermore, there is an activated carbon-filter for sediment removal and to enhance the overall water flavor.
This all gets done in a couple of minutes without any hectic setup and installation.

However, the filter age or capacity is a bit low. With 300 gallons filter capacity or 3-month life span, you have to replace it quarterly. But then, the replaceable filters aren’t that expensive to become a heft for your pocket.

Aesthetically, this countertop filter comes in a sleek design with a black and white color choice to make it appealing in every kitchen setup. The whole package includes a pre-installed countertop filter, faucets connectors, and a hose to connect kitchen faucet.Some users report leakage problems with faucet apparatus, yet you can claim customer support for a replacement.

  • Removes up to 93% of fluoride, arsenic, chlorine and other impurities
  • Hassle-free setup or assembly
  • Preserve water alkalinity
  • A cheap, efficient and space-saving filter system
  • 300 gallons filter capacity
  • Some users report faulty faucet connector
Why should one buy this?
Master Jr F2 seems a tiny countertop filtration system; however, it holds more significant responsibilities on its shoulder. Up to 93% of fluoride removal in much cost-effective package, is not less than a wonder for those who want to achieve superb water quality without going into flashy and technical setups.

The Bottom Line – Finally, The End of Filter Hunt:

Water purity is a much sensitive matter, and you really can’t afford experimenting plenty of machines just to achieve a taste and purity that suits your taste bud and health. Meanwhile, the countertop drinking water filter’s category brings every type of filter option for you. And factually, you have to calculate your needs first; this will make you a winner in picking the best countertop water filter.

For this whole topic, I am summing up the story by mentioning my top priorities for a best filtration setup.
I found AlcaPure Zero Installation Reverse Osmosis Purifier as the best countertop filtration apparatus due to its strong cleaning abilities and hassle-free zero installation setup for wholly new buyers in the market. Although, for the ones who are more into aesthetics and styles, Alcapure brings smart glossy finish with somewhat aggressive styling. And above all, the choice between alkalinity and ultimate purity via choice at a 4-stage filter spot makes you relaxed with this setup.

Yes, the Storage capacity and flowrate are somewhat low, and if it’s your top priority to keep the same aesthetics norm all-together, AquaTru could be a fine choice.

With the same stylish looks, better flow rate, ultra RO 4-stage filtering, and NSF/ANSI certification, it also provides the same performance level. However, there are few reports of leakage of water containers.

These both systems are electricity backed setup that would not work in some emergency scenarios. So, to make a much safe buying decision, Crown Berkey would easily fit in your needs. With this system, you can cash in great flow rates, durable build-up, and no need for any power to run this system.

And lastly, if budget is your primary concern, APEX MR-2050 and Home Master JR F2 won’t let you go home with bare hands.

Bus the Myths, Not Your Mind – FAQs

Is Berkey Water Alkaline?

Is Berkey Water Alkaline
Berkey Water filter

Using gravity filtration technique and with the help of black-porous filters, Berkey systems catch the harmful impurities and contaminants. Thus maintaining an optimum pH level, Berkey setup also preserves alkalinity of water for richer health benefits.

Do you really need alkaline water?

Truthfully, no authentic but controversial studies are there to support that alkaline water is a basic necessity of your body. Yes, alkaline water has essential minerals, and it promotes long term health benefits, but not talking alkaline water does really matter? No one can really pass an authentic argument.

Are refrigerator water filters worth it?

These filters are known for doing a little correction. Basically, these can remove chlorine, which is the main player for disturbing the water taste, and other sediments like rust, hard metals, etc.

Which water filter removes the most contaminants?

Which water filter removes the most contaminants
Reverse Osmosis system

Without a doubt, Reverse Osmosis can do a real job. However, nothing comes perfectly in this world, so these filters also possess some limitations.

Should you filter tap water?

It really depends on your need, water quality, and taste. Every city has different water quality or supply, so if it’s really filthy water coming out of your tap, do consider placing a filter.

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