Best Water Filter for RVs

Best Water Filter For Rv 2020
Best Water Filter For Rv

You know this, being an RVer, your water sources constantly change. Sometimes you are lucky enough to get an odorless supply of water, yet most of the time, you get around with water quality that doesn’t taste pleasant.

Whether you’re a full-time RVer or casually use your coach for adventure or outdoor camping, seriously, you always have to keep a strict check on your vehicle’s water filtration capabilities. For this purpose, your only need is to pick the very best water filter for RV.

But then, with a lot of technical mambos jumbos about water filtration for RVs available on the internet, you may get confused about which RV water filtration system you should pick or which one to leave. Along with the top 6 best RV water filters, I am patching a quite useful buying guide below to solve your “RV filter Equation” quickly.

Factors to Consider While Buying a Best Water Filter for RVs:

You’ll come across many technical specifications about the filter system, which you may not digest easily. We’ll be talking about the crucial points of considering an RV water filter in a much-simplified way.

Know Your Purpose:

Know Your Purpose
Purpose of water filter

This is where you may take a Wrong Turn in selecting a perfect RV water filter. What you have to do is, sit back, relax, and do all the math about what’s your purpose to achieve.
Basically, your purpose defines which type of RV filter you should opt for.
Whether you want to do whole RV water filtration or you are just okay with RV drinking water filter, it exclusively depends on your approach and varied circumstances. Contemplating this point will also save you from the unwanted future struggle of replacing and maintaining a filter.

Your Purpose VS. Filter System Type: 

Your Purpose VS. Filter System Type
Best filter system

Things become a little juicier here. You should know, your objective determines which filter system is going to be best for you. Technically, the real question here is whether “All of it, or some it.” Let’s simplify this term in 3 points:

  • Filtering Drinking water
  • Filtering Whole water supply
  • Filtering whole water supply + drinking water

Filtering Drinking Water and Type of Filter System:

Since your drinking water consumption is a minimal percentage of the whole RV water supply, you have plenty of options and choices here luckily. Also, in this approach of water filtration, the flow rate is something you can compromise on.

Filtering Drinking Water and Type of Filter System
Drink filtered water

So, the first option is Inline Filters that mostly get installed under the sink from where you take the water supply for drinking, cooking, and other purposes. These filters are helpful to avoid stagnation if you want to store water for a long while.
Other than this, One Canister-Cartridge System comes in for sediment removal, including Odor, Bad Taste, Smell, Cyst, etc.

This system also gets fitted under your sinks and being bacteriostatic in type; you can store your water for a long duration.

Filter Whole Water Supply and Type of Filters System:

This is the most common practice by the Bus owners. In this way, Inline filters are cheap, offhand to use, and a decent filtration setup. Yet, as these filters are small and built for low flow rates, many RVers don’t adopt this option.
As these devices are BASIC filtration setup, do expect a shorter life and limited capacity but decent sediment abilities for odor and taste improvement.

Other than this, Canister filters are a suitable alternative for decent cleaning and flow of water, saving a lot of your time. Adopting this way, you can also expect much-improved sediment removal, versatile customization, and a better life span.
Canister filters come in standard 1 canister, popular 2 canister system, and much advanced 3 canister filtration setup. Fortunately, the canister size is universal here, so you can embrace an excellent variety of cartridges, allowing you to achieve different filtration levels.

However, how these canister systems are different from each other, take a quick overview of their functionality.

Single-Canister System
Single-Canister System

Single-Canister System: One container or canister does all the cleaning job with the inclusion of multiple cartridges.

Dual-Canister System
Dual-Canister System

Dual-Canister System: Each canister does a specific part. One component should do the sediment removal while the other one should be responsible for carbon filtering.

Triple-Canister System
Triple-Canister System

Triple-Canister System: This system calls out for extreme sediment removal. For the first two Canister, the story is the same here, though, for 3rd canister, the job is for intense cleaning of water phosphate cleaning.

As the purpose is to filter the whole water supply, so these entire RV water filter systems will connect to the bus Hose and will procedure all the water before entering the vehicle water tank.

Cleaning Whole Supply + Drinking Water and Types of Filters:

This way, you should add filtration at two ends. Firstly, you should be going with the filtration of the whole water supply, then add an under sink filter for further improvement in drinking water. The under-sink filter will most possibly have the ceramic cartridge for bacterial contaminant removal.

Choose the Perfection Purification Technique:

To achieve a higher level of purity that everyone desires and dreams about, there are popular purification methodologies that you should study before adopting them.

  • UV sterilization: A very cost-effective solution for sterilization of micro-organisms. Yet, it can’t treat the spores and cyst reproduced by these microbes. Also, the flow rate is a decent call for drinking water supply.
    UV sterilization
    UV sterilization
  • RO – Reverse Osmosis: Most popular, widely used, and the cost-effective way all over the globe for removing all contaminants from water. The purification it gives is somewhat VERY NEAR to pure water. The only downside is, it also eliminates salts and minerals from water.
    RO - Reverse Osmosis
    RO – Reverse Osmosis
  • Distillation: A much higher level of setup to produce great purification targets. Yet, it lags a bit in the race for its energy-intensive consumption, expensive equipment, complicated installation.

The Micron Game:

This is something you should emphasize deeply. Micron is subject to the measurement of the particle’s size in your water intake. Lower the micron number, the higher will be the purity.

The Micron Game
1-5 micron filter

Usually, we take bacteria as the most dangerous thing in water, and water filters are standardized this way. Bacteria types range from 0.4 to 2 microns, and the 1-5 micron filter does almost the job.

These are some of the most crucial points you should care about while purchasing the best RV water filter. Apart from these, you can set cost, setup complexity, and such other criteria for your winning product.

Best Water Filter for RVs


CLEARSOURCE PREMIUM– Overall Best Water Filter for RVs

q? encoding=UTF8&ASIN=B074CNXQXQ&Format= SL250 &ID=AsinImage&MarketPlace=US&ServiceVersion=20070822&WS=1&tag=aww101 20&language=en USir?t=aww101 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B074CNXQXQIt is always a sigh of relief when you have a permanent water filtering system installed in your coach that can provide you premium water purity. Clearsource premium RV water is a thing build on such grounds. The two-canister water filter system for RV is a perfect gadget to invest in for a longer run.

As this system holds two 2.5 X10 inches canister bodies, your water goes through two different stages for superior filtering. At the water input side, you get a 5-micron sediment filter to remove heavy particles, impurities like heavy metals, dirt, and silt.

On the second stage, you get a 0.5-micron carbon filter that makes a fine tune of water odor and taste, also removes the smallest microbes like Giardia.

For the whole scenario, water enters the first sediment filter, spins out here, and moves to other carbon filters to get treated again and get ready for your storage.

Some users claim that it’s pricier than the usual canister system. However, this filter can do 2000 gallon filtering before it becomes replaceable. The 2000 mark means you can fill up to 15140 8” inch water bottles.

Moreover, if you further do a little math, this filter can give you 14 cents per gallon of filtered water, and that’s the lowest price you can get for very pure and healthier drinking water in your RV.

For casual weekenders, you can replace it yearly. However, full-timers and highly enthusiasts can replace filters every six months and a quarter, respectively.

Clearsource Premium RV filter system has a robust stainless chassis, polished with black powder coating to save the metal from rust and water effects. This chassis is purposed to stand flat on the ground, and canister bodies are fitted with this metal stand to not fell down during the filtering process.

This filter system is something for which you can say a splendid job done by the company. Yet, nothing comes perfectly in this world, and for this part, I encountered a problem – its price. It should come with a package of long hose duct for easy connectivity between your camper and water supply.

  • Dual filtration leaves no impurities in the water
  • A much durable and well-built system for all type of campers
  • Bulletproof steel casing and quality canister materials
  • Much tougher against leakage and kinking
  • Expensive for some folks
Why should one buy this?
As an external water filter system, the built quality is matchless. And talk about the filtration quality, you get the finest drinking water filtered through this small system. However, if you are much concerned about its price, this premium whole RV water filter system is a green investment for a longer run.

Camco 40045 TastePURE – Most Popular Inline RV Water Filter

What Are The Best Water Filter for RVs?
Camco 40045 TastePURE Inline RV Water Filter

ir?t=aww101 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B0024E6V30As a camping aficionado, you’ll see this thing all over America. This “Made in the USA” filter is the cheapest Inline RV water filter that is easy to set up and can be used for whole RV water supply as well as for drinking water. This comes in two sizes, giving standard and XL sizes for a great of water flow choice.

With Easy usability, 2.5 Gallons per minute water flow, one camping season coverage, and 20-micron filtration capability, this inline water filter for RV is the most admirable thing by the campers.This tube-shaped body has gotten the combination of Granular Activated Carbon filter with fluid type KDF. While the Carbon filter removes the bad taste and odor from water, fluid KDF is helpful enough to prevent bacteria from growth when the filter is not in use.

On the whole, this thing fights against hydrogen sulfide, aluminum, fungus, heavy metal, cadmium, chlorine, iron, mercury, mold, turbidity, and such other sediment.The Filter’s life span has been marketed as 1 camping season (3-4 months), a decent call on the paper, and a fantastic temporary solution of water filtering. However, a total of 500 gallons of water filtering limit adds conditions.

So, if you are a regular camper and your water consumption is somewhat higher than average 7-8 Gallons per day, it’ll force you to replace it with a new one in just 2+ months.On the contrary, if you don’t camp very often and has less water consumption, the marketed usage limit seems true.

Anyways, Camco has given a flexible and hose connector that is detachable and can connect every type of garden water hose. Hook this connector to the rig, and it can supply water even on 90-degree.

However, the only downside of this filter is also this Connector. It sometimes breaks apart or leaks water due to a bend while filling your vehicle with filtered water. For this reason, you have to attach a 90-degree elbow connector to your rig and hook this filter to that elbow tool.This way, you can enjoy this inline RV water filter without the pain of water kinking and leakage.

  • Decent flow rate
  • Easy setup and usability and much lightweight (3lbs)
  • Pretty good sediment filtration with KDF and GAC
  • A very nice and cheap water filtering solution up to 20 microns
  • Hose connector saves it from falling during water filling to camper
  • The hose doesn’t last long due to a bend and twist.
Why should one buy this?
Camco 40045 Inline water filter for RV is a great temporary solution for campers who don’t want to go in complex setups. With decent filtering, low price, and lightweight, you can carry a pack of 3-4 in your bag packs to enjoy worry-free camping season.

WATTS 43000140: Best Inline Water Filter for RV with Huge Filtering Capacity

What Are The Best Water Filter for RVs?
Watts Inline Water Filter

ir?t=aww101 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B000E77I0YIn a case, the Camco inline filter doesn’t fascinate you; here is other entry by WATTS that is much known for its HUGE water filtering threshold. With longer life duration and decent carbon filtering with KDF, most straightforward setup, Watts’s inline water filter is a perfect road gear. Also, it acts as a good household partner for refrigerators, ice makers, coffee makers, and tap water filtration.

The water filtering capabilities seems as same as COMCO attains. The GAC and KDF combo perfectly fights against sediments and water contaminants like aluminum, chlorine, Lead, Mercury, and such other heavy metals.

It exceptionally improves the water quality and taste, and about Odor! That’s also not an issue for this boy. Ideally, it works much efficiently with cold water, thus producing much clearer ice cubes.

This WQA certified Filter has a 10-inch inline KDF cartridge that also helps to maintain 2.5 GPM. Along with this, there are 1/4th inch connectors to get fitted with your water supplying lines.

As mentioned above, the Water filtering threshold is huge. The 20,000 Gallons water filtration capability is somewhat Inline filters don’t suppose to build around. Well, 20,000 gallons water filtering limit or 6-month usage, this is where you need to replace the cartridge.

Moreover, the company’s claims about 5 years of faultless service seem a broad claim. Many users claim this thing sustains a longer life, yet the 5 Year mark is not real. Averagely, it can last to 3 years, which an impressive period considering a cheap inline filter.

You might know, you have to flush out some quantity of water through filters to get consumable. However, the company instructs to do a 15-minute flush out before usage. Technically, 15 minutes are something that needs a ton of water to get flushed out.

  • Support a good number of appliances
  • Larger filter life
  • Bigger size and decent flow rate
  • Secure connectivity with standard supply lines
  • Exceptionally improves water taste
  • Some users face assembling issues due to standard 1/4th inch brass connectors.
Why should one buy this?
WATTS’s inline water filter for RV is a much viable solution for Campers who don’t want to indulge in replacing their filters very often. This bigger inline filter is very good at enhancing the water purity without creating any mess.

Camco EVO Premium: Best Canister RV water Filter

What Are The Best Water Filter for RVs?
Camco EVO Premium RV & Marine Water Filter

ir?t=aww101 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B00523AMBCAnother Camco boy, but this time it’s a canister system that is much strict on sediments, bacteria, heavy metals, and other fungi types. This canister filter is an optimal solution for casual or non-regular RVers. With a much strong canister body, 5-micron polypropylene filter, and same GAC and RDF duo, you will see this RV gear doing the best what it is supposed to do.

Like previous Camco inline RV filter, this filter possesses the same 500 Gallons life span or viable for a whole camping season. For full-time RVers, you may find this thing a bit uncomfortable as long as you don’t keep a pack of 3-4 filter cartridges in your luggage.

But on the water filtration part, you can embrace a strict check on impurities with 5-micron high-quality polypropylene filter. The water first goes through this filter, leaving large particles, pollutants, and other heavy metal on the filter sheet.
Then the next further step is to treat this clean water with GAC and KDF agents to remove the sediments and improve the water taste to a great extent.

This type of strict cleaning of water is feasible with regular home appliances like refrigerators, ice makers, etc. Also, you can enjoy this on your road and sea gears, including RVs and marines.The Camco EVO premium water filter comes with a complete extension kit. The kit includes a wrench tool, hosing extension, replaceable filter cartridge, and hosing body.

This system is much easy to set up, and the optimal situation is to fix it in your camper. For a permanent fix, the package doesn’t include the tools and screw part, and you have to buy these separately.One other down part is, the hosing mechanism doesn’t well tested and perfect. In some cases, the users claim minor leakage or breaking down of hose after some time of use. Yet, in this way, an elbow joint saves your day very much.

  • Average at leakage handling

Why should one buy this?
As a canister system, the installation and usability are still cream-like. The two way 5-micron water filtering bring this filter system in the line of best water filters for RVs with low maintenance and cost effectiveness.

Culligan RVF-10 – Cheap Canister System RV water Filter

What Are The Best Water Filter for RVs?
Culligan RVF-10 Recreational Vehicle (RV) External Water Filter

ir?t=aww101 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B0010EEVR8CAMCO is the name in the camping world that doesn’t need any introduction – just like a king without a crown. Yet, if you are not a fan of CAMCO and love to search some of the best RV water filters other than CAMCO, Culligan will suit your mood. This Culligan RVF-10 is a direct competitor to CAMCO EVO Premium RV filter and also the best choice for part-time RVers.

This pre-tank filter has been packed with the same 5-micron polypropylene cartridge filter that brings much clean and safe drinking water on your table. Due to this high filtering ability with D-15 Level 1 Filter, your water supply gets purified from particles, harmful contaminants, including heavy metals and fungus.

Along with this filtering, the water is again treated with activated carbon elements so you won’t encounter any bad odor, taste, and hardness in water.But, I have mentioned it’s a perfect choice for part-time RVers. Just because the cartridge limit as low as 250 gallons – is sufficient for 2 to 2.5 months use, and it also equally depends on your water consumption. With such water filtering capacity, it can go good for both part-timers and full-time RVers. Nonetheless, in the case of full-time camping, you have to replace filters very often.

Other than this, this filter system is not very good with extremely low or freezing temperatures. As the body and hose fitting are made of plastic, there is a much chance it gets easily prone to leaking and kinking water due to cracking or breaking the plastic body.But then, the company offers a premium 5-year warranty that can sort out this problem as well.

The setup is really like a child’s play. With 1-foot hose duct, Teflon tape, and filter cartridge included, you can smoothly set it up and connect to your ¾ inch supply lines.

  • Exceptional filtering abilities due to 5-micron filters
  • Less expensive and easy to setup
  • An excellent solution for part-time RVers
  • Much extended warranty limit
  • The replaceable filter is not so much expensive
  • The cartridge filter has a low filtering capacity
  • The hose fitting is a plastic material
Why should one buy this?
The great slim designed Culligan canister filter system is a splendid option to spend a month or so holidays in your campers. The high-value filtering is really a masterpiece for improving your overall water quality and taste in a much cost restraint package.

Culligan RV-800 – Best Inline RV Water Filter with great Add-ons

What Are The Best Water Filter for RVs?
Culligan RV-800 Exterior Pre-Tank Recreational Vehicle Water Filter

ir?t=aww101 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B0010ED27IAnother Culligan Filter that comes with the simplest intent but significant outputs. This inline RV water filter is a pre-tank filter that can be used for in-home, marines, trailers, RVs, and such other purposes.

The basic level 1 filtration is combined with GAC and KDF combination. For such filtration combination, the activated carbon enhances the overall feeling of water, and KDF fights against the water contaminants, including the dust particles, heavy metals, and bacteria.

This filter’s bacteriostatic nature helps to restrict plenty of bacteria types going into the filtered water supply. Moreover, it also bars the micro-organism for reproduction.As a small inline RV water filter, the filtering capacity is 2000 Gallons, a seemingly call. This allows you to make replacement after every 3 months on the conditions of usage. For part-time RVers, it can last even up to 3 months. In case of no usage for a long time, you first have to wash the filter cartridge, sun-dries it, and re-engage it into the filter.

The flow rate is 1 GPM, and some users don’t accept it easily yet, you shouldn’t complain about it considering its price. The company recommends doing a 5 min washout before connecting it to your RV. In contrast to other inline filters, this washout time is a minimum duration to get activated for actual service.

Remarkably, where many premium inline filters get fail in the hosing department, Culligan RV-800 stands out firmly. It comes with a 12-inch flexible hose included in the package, so you don’t have to buy it separately. Likewise, it’s a better idea to use an elbow connector to save the hose part from breakage or leakage problems.

The company also shares a 5-year warranty package that is another excellent addition for its price.

  • Optimal Filtering capacity
  • Budget-friendly inline RV filter
  • The water filtering job is decent
  • Comes with 12-inch flexible hose
  • Long 5 years warranty
  • In few cases its leaks at female hose
Why should one buy this?
Culligan RV-800 is ultimately a good package to buy who looks for decent water filtering capacity. The level 1 filtration with GAC and KDF provides good quality clear water for you and your family. The most straightforward setup allows you to just install and use this setup in a minute.

The Bottom Line:

Dealing in the filters department, one may get confused or wrongly choose a product for his camping season – That’s a disaster, you know. Your camping journey somehow mainly depends on which filter you embed in your coach.

The best water filter for RV saves your health, money, and adventure too. Will all these great products listed above, which one is the best fit for your needs? I am placing out my top 2 recommendations for best RV water filters that can easily be trusted and considered for buying.

I am choosing ClearSource Premium RV Water Filter as my Clear Winner. The two-way strict (0.5-5 Micron) cleaning is something that distinguishes it from other products. Other than this, the Strong chassis, quality built materials, and adequate 2000 gallon capacity are some of the perks you can enjoy in this filter system.

On the Runner-Up Spot, Watts 20000 Gallon Inline RV water filter stands. This Filter is the same as CAMCO 40045 filter, but it edges out all the Inline Filters with its Filtering Capacity. Such filtering capacity is a significant pain reliever for full-time RVers. The only thing that makes it lag a bit in the competition is some complexities in its assembly setup. Apart from this, it’s a very much versatile product to enjoy.

You can also consider other RV water filtration systems according to your needs and requirements.

Bust the Myth not Your Mind – FAQs:

Do I need an RV water filter?

Do I need an RV water filter
RV water filter system

Camping is all about a continuous change in the water supply. To each source, you can’t really trust. This is where the need for the best water filter for RV becomes a necessity, and honestly, you can’t resist it.

Which filters more 5 microns or 20 microns?

Which filters more 5 microns or 20 microns
1 to 5-micron filters

I have already mentioned the Micron game in the buying guide. Though, there is simple math here — a higher number of Micron, fewer impurities it can catch. So, always go for lower micron filters. Usually, 1 to 5-micron filters do a very satisfactory job.

Why Does My RV water smell like rotten eggs?

Why Does My RV water smell like rotten eggs?
RV water smell like rotten eggs?

You can’t rely on RV water filtration systems only. Tank cleaning is the main task you should do from time to time, better dealing with stagnation, odors, and taste of water. If you don’t camp very often, it’s a good practice to sanitize your RV storage first then do any water filtration.

How many gallons of water does an RV shower use?

On average, it’s 30-35 Gallons a day. But you can entirely manage it with your shower timing and routine.

Which filter technology is good for drinking water? 

Which filter technology is good for drinking w
RO (Reverse Osmosis)

All the way, RO (Reverse Osmosis). The setup is cheap, easy to understand, and less complicated to maintain. Yet, it drains down all salts and minerals of water along with the impurities.

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