Best Water Filter To Remove Chromium 6

You’re never sure what you’re ingesting from your drinking water until you test it. There are numerous bacteria, metals, and germs found in water. Many of them are harmless but others are detrimental to health. It should be your goal to keep your family safe from diseases by identifying water contaminants and purchasing a water filter fit to deal with the situation.

What Are The Best Water Filter To Remove Chromium 6?
Best Water filter To Remove Chromium 6

Chromium 6, otherwise known as hexavalent chromium, is a dangerous metal that is commonly found in many drinking water sources. It has no smell or taste, but chromium 6 threatens the safety and quality of water.

Drinking water contaminated by chromium 6 may cause liver toxicity and stomach irritation. Chromium 6 is not only toxic, it is carcinogenic. Research has shown that ingesting chromium 6 in water can cause cancer in the intestines, stomach and oral cavity.

You must test your water for hexavalent chromium and install a water filter to deal with it immediately if traces are detected in your water.

Countertop and faucet water filtration systems that operate with activated carbon will be ineffective to treat chromium 6 contaminated water. You need a more complicated filtration system like reverse osmosis to rid drinking water of chromium 6.

There are so many water filters in the market that making a choice can become bewildering.  Instead of running around confused about which model is perfect for you, take a look at our best water filters to remove chromium 6 and make a choice.

Product Comparison Table

Product Name Best Feature
APEC 6-Stage ROES-PH75 Water Filter System Made in the USA with premium certified materials
AquaTru Countertop Water Filtration System No installation or plumbing required
Brondell Circle Reverse Osmosis Water Filter Uses a water-saving technology that is more efficient than other RO systems
Woder WD-S-8K-DC Water Filtration System Lasts six times longer than others
Waterdrop RO Water Filtration System Very fast filtration


Best Water Filter To Remove Chromium 6


APEC 6-Stage ROES-PH75 Water Filter System

What Are The Best Water Filter To Remove Chromium 6?
APEC Water Systems ROES-PH75 6-Stage Certified Ultra Safe RO Water Filter System

ir?t=aww101 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B00NWZ1RCKThis alkaline filter is designed in the USA using the finest high-quality parts sourced from around the world. It uses a ROES-PH75 mineral cartridge to properly raise your waters pH level for perfectly purified alkaline water.

The reverse osmosis water filtration process used here returns healthy minerals to your water for added nourishment. Unlike other filtration systems that do the same thing with mineral formulations, this model from APEC uses no additives to ensure better health.

Combined with the ROES-PH75 mineral cartridge, this water filter has two carbon filter blocks that help remove up to 99.9% of water contaminants including chromium 6. Installing and maintaining the 6-stage ROES-PH75 filter is a breeze. This filter comes with detailed instructions and links to step by step installation videos to make the process fast and easy. 


  • WQA certified
  • Made in the USA
  • Uses a safe re-mineralizing filter
  • Coms with 100% lead-free faucet
  • Supreme USA quality
  • Long-lasting filters serve well
  • Installation can be expensive

AquaTru Countertop Water Filtration System

What Are The Best Water Filter To Remove Chromium 6?
AQUA TRU Countertop Water Filtration Purification System

ir?t=aww101 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B01MDLMBKCHere is a countertop reverse osmosis water purification system you can trust to substantially remove toxic chemicals, metals, and microorganisms from your drinking water. This is the best option for you if you prefer countertop filters to the under-sink type. Zero plumbing is required to turn your tap water into bottled water quality.

Your water isn’t only filtered with this product, it goes through a four-stage water purification process to effectively remove chromium, fluoride, lead, chlorine, and radium.

With zero installation involved, the water filter is straightforward to use. Just pour in your water and press the button to pour and drink fresh water. With a beautiful compact design, this countertop water filter will fit into small spaces and still look good.

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  • A quick twist and change filters
  • Certified to NSF standards
  • Very easy to use
  • No installation required
  • Saves space
  • Looks beautiful
  • Handle with care or the water container will break

Brondell Circle Reverse Osmosis Water Filter

What Are The Best Water Filter To Remove Chromium 6?
Brondell Circle Reverse Osmosis System

ir?t=aww101 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B011T65J9ABrondell created a winner with this reverse osmosis water filtration system. The high capacity filter operates on a proprietary water-saving technology that ultimately saving more water than most reverse osmosis filters.

It achieves this by removing back pressure with the smart valve. You don’t need electricity or pumps to provide consistent flow when this system utilizes a flexible reservoir. The reverse osmosis membrane is periodically flushed to increase the lifespan of the filter.

Four different filtration stages handle water purification without sacrificing fast water flow. Its chrome faucet has an LED indicator that displays a message when the filter needs to be changed. The sleek design is also compact and saves space under your sink.

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  • Smart water-saving technology
  • Four-stage filtration
  • Compact design
  • Water filters through four advanced stages for best results
  • Because it is so compact it saves under sink space
  • Environment-friendly
  • Slow water pressure

Woder WD-S-8K-DC Water Filtration System

What Are The Best Water Filter To Remove Chromium 6?
Woder WD-S-8K-DC Water Filtration System

ir?t=aww101 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B0144MFPOAThis water filter system utilizes an advanced selective filtration technology strong enough to remove 99.9% of water contaminants and still maintain useful minerals. The final product is pure, natural tasting water with no VOCs, chromium 6, chlorine, heavy metals and other contaminants.

With normal use, the Woder WD-S-8K-DC system can last for up to 3 years, which is nearly six times as much as regular filters.

Water contains essential minerals that your body doesn’t produce in proportionate amounts. Sodium, calcium, potassium, magnesium, and phosphorus are a few of them.

Many water filters filter them out with the contaminants but the Woder WD-S-8K-DC filtration system leaves them in for your nourishment.

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  • WQA certified
  • Selective filtration technology
  • Does not filter out essential minerals
  • Can last for years while functioning at high capacity
  • Water flows out slower with time

Waterdrop RO Water Filtration System

What Are The Best Water Filter To Remove Chromium 6?
Waterdrop RO Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Filtration System

ir?t=aww101 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B07P1XFYJPHave impure water you need to be filtered? This tankless reverse osmosis water filtration system from Waterdrop is what you need. The intelligent, innovative water purifier avoids the use of tanks that are a breeding ground for the second pollution.

It is very fast too and great for high water demand houses. You only need 12 seconds to filter a glass of water as the pressure flows at 400 GPD.

This water filter is effective in removing up to 99.99% of water contaminants including cysts, organic pollutants, heavy metals, microorganisms and carcinogens like chromium 6 and cadmium.

Compared to other reverse osmosis systems, Waterdrops RO takes 85% less time and effort to install. You also get to save 75% of under sink space since this system is tankless.

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  • Compact tankless design
  • Comes with three filters
  • Smart, easy to install the system
  • Very easy installation
  • Saves under sink space because it has no tanks
  • Filters up 400 gallons per day to satisfy the high demand
  • Flimsy faucet may leak

How Do You Know If Your Water Is Clean Enough?

However clean and fresh your drinking water look, you cannot know if it’s pure until it is tested. There is enough warning about toxins, bacteria, and pollutants in the media for you to ignore. Here’s how to find out what toxins are lurking in your water.

  • Search the EPA’s Drinking Water Watch database: the Environmental Protection Agency runs a Drinking Water Watch program in eighteen states. The database contains valuable information on reported health hazards, water pollution cleanup efforts and water quality violations.
    Search the EPA’s Drinking Water Watch database
  • Search the EWG’s database: the Environmental Working Group has a useful database with reports on water quality. It is easy to use because you can search by water company and zip code. It includes many chemical contaminants that aren’t regulated by other organizations so you can combine results from here with other sources for more thorough testing.
  • Ask your water company: as long as you pay water bills, the EPA requires your company to send you an annual report on your water quality. The report details possible contaminants in your water and the health risks they pose. You can receive and download this report in PDF format if you pay your bills online.
  • Call in professionals: there isn’t a general water test so call in professionals if you don’t know what you’re looking for or want to test everything. You can call the EPA’s hotline or search the WQA database to find a certified local water testing agency to help.
  • Test it yourself: it is possible to perform a DIY water test by yourself. You can buy a water test kit online or from a local store. Note that these kits don’t usually test for all contaminants so you can miss a major problem if you rely on them alone. They are also not as accurate as professional testing methods but can be a great first indication of a problem that leads to a professional test.
    Test it yourselfTest it yourself
    Water test kit

What You Should Consider Before Buying A Water Filter?

What You Should Consider Before Buying A Water Filter
Consider Before Buying A Water Filter

Water contamination is a real problem that can lead to diseases and fatal illness. Because of this, it is extremely important to install an effective water purification system after identifying the contaminant.

The water filter market is flooded with numerous options from many brands. To help you scan through the clutter and choose the best model, here’s a list of things to consider.

  • Budget: determine how much money you are willing to invest in a water filter before you even start the search. We recommend you go for a high-quality model from a popular brand that will give you the best value for your money.
  • Water quality: different areas are supplied with different types of water with equally varying quality levels. If your water has a taste and smell, it probably has dissolved impurities. Some other types like well water are loaded with sediments. Other types of water look clean but have invincible viruses and bacteria. Choosing an appropriate water filter will be easy if you know the quality of water you have and the matching type of water filter system for it.
  • Purification technology: water filters are equipped with special technology that enables them to filter your water. UV systems use ultraviolet rays to eradicate germs. UF or ultrafiltration systems use hydrostatic pressure to remove bacteria. RO or reverse osmosis utilizes a semi-permeable method to filter contaminants with large particles.
  • Daily usage: do you need to filter all the water in your house or just drinking water? How many family members do you have and how often do visitors come around? The answers to such questions will determine if your daily consumption is high or low. You can go for a small water filter if consumption is low, but you will need a high output model to filter large sources of water if your consumption is high.
  • Maintenance cost: the initial purchase cost isn’t the only important price tag. Every water filter will require periodic cleaning and filter changes. You can spend $100 or less to maintain some filters while some models can cost as much as $400 for quarterly maintenance. If you are cost-conscious, try to avoid high maintenance water filtration systems that might be cheap to buy but super expensive to continue using.
  • Body: apart from technical considerations, the look and size of your water purification system are also important. Make sure the body is strong and durable if you want your water filter to last long. If you have little space to spare, select a compact countertop and under sink water filters.

Final Verdict

Chromium 6 naturally occurs in some areas but has spread into public water outlets. Poor storage, leakage and insufficient disposal from manufacturers have contributed greatly to the spread of this contaminant.

Since the problem has become more rampant, you must test your water source to ensure it is free of chromium 6. If tests show traces of hexavalent chromium, swing into action and get an effective water filtration system installed.

This post has all the information you need to understand the danger of chromium 6 and the best ways to deal with it. All the filters mentioned in this post will be very effective in destroying the hexavalent chromium contaminating your water and make your water safe again. Make sure to share this with a friend who wants to buy a water filter but doesn’t know which model to choose.

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