Brita Vs Pur –Which One’s Better in 2020

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It is quite good that we all believe in the fact that how much water is important for us as it rehydrates us and also flushes all the toxins out of our bodies.

Brita Vs Pur –Which One’s Better in 2020 – A Complete Guide

No wonder that being part of the 21st century we are too much into the other drinks including various soft drinks, tea, and coffee but at the same time we acknowledge the fact that all of these do not have the essential capability to replace water.
And this is just one side of the story as I have only mentioned the importance of drinking water but this does not end here because only drinking water is not enough but also you need to keep in view the hygienic facts as well.

Brita vs pur Water Filter
Brita vs pur

We all indeed need to have a huge water intake to avoid dehydration and other body problems the question which holds great importance is that, is the water which we are drinking is pure or clean? Does it serve the purpose or it just acting as a burden on our body?

Just to put it simpler, if you don’t filter your water, you will get more chlorine in it and all through right heavy metals including copper, lead, etc. Moreover, we see that nowadays, people are more on medications and pills and this goes around right in the sewage system and then comes back to us.

No doubt that they filter the water but still the water we get in our taps has some traces of those medications high amounts of chlorine. So, in order to get out of this mess, what you need to do is to have an efficient water filter at your home.
You believe it or not but this will surely bring fair results as it takes away the toxins and make your water taste better and keeps you healthy and refreshing.

In case you might be asking yourself that, out of so many brands and products in the market, which filter will suit you the best and serve the purpose effectively. So, this article will help you is going to help you in this regard. We bring you a fair comparison between the two widely chosen brands named Brita and Pur.


Brita Water Filter

Brita filter is one of the most widely used water filters as it serves the purpose in the best of its ways. It comes with a complete set of instructions which helps you a lot in installation and usage.

Brita comes in a complete BPA free plastic composition along with a slightly wider design having the capacity to contain almost 10 cups of water. Also, it has the filter replacement indicator which tells you when your filter needs to be changed for better working.


Pur Water filter

Pur water filter is marked to be a great water filter as it can hold a lot of water enough for a family. So, for a big family, you must buy this one, as it is the product which you must be in dire need of!

Best of all, it offers you great taste along with complete dirt and toxin-free water. What else you need when you get all your requirements fulfilled in just one product which does not even cost you a lot!
So, let’s move further to check whether Brita comes up to your expectations or it Pur which will suit you the best.

Which One Benefits You More?

Let’s just talk about the design of both filters, to begin with. They are both very simple having a somewhat similar design along with a different color scheme!

Pur water filter is like wider and Brita is a bit fatter in shape. Pur is supposed to hold 11 cups or more water whereas Brita offers you 10 cups of filtered and refreshing water.

It turns out that overall; they are just very much similar. They both possess indicator light which is designed for the purpose of letting you know when to change the filter.

I believe that Brita is better in this regard as its indicator is based on how many times you open and close its lid. It counts each time when you open it or close it so it knows better when to tell you to change the filter.

While on the other hand, Pur has one of those indicators which are time-specific. They note the time when you install it and after some specific period, which is for about three months, they inform you to change the filter no matter how many times you open or close the lid.

Brita and Pur, both have similar lid openings but when it comes to filtering, they differ in their ways. Both filters are fixed differently. In Brita, the filter just pops out without putting much effort and I think, it is just gravity that holds it in its place as there is no special screw or twist mechanism.

In contrast to it, the Pur filter design is a little better as this one needs to be twisted into place and pull it up to take it and the same mechanism goes for fixing it in.

You see that it is a bit harder to replace but, it is better as it locks in more securely so don’t have extra water going around the sides.

Apart from their designs and outer look, the important thing which needs to be checked is the speed of water coming out of the filter.

To check out the speed, we conducted a small test and what we did is that we took some tap water and filled both Pur and Brita simultaneously with water to be filtered out.

What we observed with this short experiment is that the Brita fills up quickly as compared to Pur. Here the first thing which came into my mind and surely you would also be thinking that the one which fills up quicker, is better because we all are kind of impatient beings and waiting for just a glass to be filled with water is something which none of us can bear for a longer time.

But to my surprise, I discovered interesting information when I was going through the instructions. It is ok if it takes a long time to fill up because that means that the filter is collecting more stuff and cleaning your water large extent.If, for instance, it poured down right away that would mean that filters are not doing their job well.

So, after having all this exercise we come to know that there is only an inch difference or a bit more but if you want to be more accurate then Brita wins in this regard as it fills up quickly.

Now, what next? The other noteworthy point is to check out which one tastes better. In my own experience and on the basis of other reviews, both Brita and Pur work best in their job brings you clean water along with a good and refreshing taste.

You don’t find any difference in their taste unless you have a very sharp sense of taste. The water from the filters appears to be clean and free from dirt particles.

Here, I have an important tip for you and that is to rinse your filter thoroughly for about 5 minutes to make it clean and dirt free. Otherwise, if you ignore this, you will witness dirt particles in your water even after filtering it so try to keep this in your mind to avoid inconvenience.


Do Pur filters fit in Brita?

Both Brita and Pur hold great popularity in the market. They have best-designed pictures with changeable filters but the problem here is that the filters of both products are not interchangeable. None of them is compatible with the other one.

Can Brita filters make you sick?

If you don’t pay heed to filter change indicator and cross a certain time limit then it would be e a little problematic for you. The old and overused filters can cause bacteria in your water, hence leading you towards various bacterial infections.

How long do Pur filters last?

Pure filters work up to its best until you use 100 gallons of water or a bit more. This makes approximately two to three months which is quite acceptable in such limited and affordable prices.

Which water filter removes the most contaminants?

The most effective system which works efficiently in this regard is the reverse osmosis filters system. It works best to remove all the contaminants up to 99% including dirt particles and heavy metals and make sure water worth drinking.

Can you run hot water through a Pur filter?

It is better advised you that never use hot water with the filter as it can alter the filter and affects it working in return. So you better use cold water to avoid any kind of inconvenience.

Summing Things Up:

To get to the conclusion here is a complete and fair comparison of Brita vs Pur comes to an end but this does not restrict us to make further discoveries about the products. You must take advantage of the detailed description of the two products until we bring you some more amazing information about the best working filters in the market.

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