Can The Zero-Water Pitcher Filter Vodka?

The Zero Water Pitcher Filter is not designed to filter vodka. Vodka is a distilled spirit made from grains like rye or wheat, as opposed to various types of water which contain minerals. The Zero Water Wedge Filter not only cleans out impurities but steals the properties of the vodka and makes it a tasteless, odorless liquid that bears no resemblance to quality vodka. This is good for drinking water, however, vodka does not need the same purifying process and will require a different type of filter to work.

What Is Zero Water?

Zero Water is a multi-stage filtration process that removes contaminants from tap water. Through its unique five-stage dual ion exchange filter, Zero Water removes 99.6% of total dissolved solids (TDS) and chlorine from regular tap water to provide people with a healthier, great-tasting drinking experience.

Option To Purify Vodka

Water Filter Pitcher
Water Filter Pitcher

Water Filter Pitcher: As the Zero Water Pitcher Filter is strong and more efficient than other filters, It is not best suited for purifying vodka as it will strip out the flavor and aroma of the vodka. Many other water filters on the market may be more suited for purifying vodka than the Zero Water Pitcher Filter.

Vodka Filters
Vodka Filters

Vodka Filters: Vodka filters are specifically designed to remove impurities while preserving the flavor and aromatic qualities of vodka. These filters leave behind a smoother-tasting beverage without sacrificing any of its original taste or characteristics.

Activated Charcoal Filters: Activated charcoal filters are more effective in filtering out impurities from liquor than water filter pitchers. These types of filters can help remove some of the harsher chemicals from vodka and make it more palatable. It works through a process called adsorption, in which the charcoal’s surface attracts and traps particles or molecules from the liquid.

However, keep in mind that activated charcoal filters are not always able to remove all impurities, so you might still end up with slightly bitter or off-flavored vodka.


Distillation: Distillation is by far the most effective way to purify vodka. This process involves using heat to separate the alcohol from other compounds in the liquid, resulting in a purer form of vodka. This process can be used to remove impurities such as methanol or ethyl alcohol, which can be dangerous when ingested. If you don’t have access to a distillation system, it is best to opt for high-quality vodka that has gone through this process already.


Is Inexpensive Vodka Filtered With A Zero Water Pitcher?

A Zero Water Pitcher is not designed to filter vodka, regardless of price. Vodka does not contain any natural minerals or contaminants, so it does not need to be filtered like water.

Do Manufacturers Of The Zero Water Pitcher Filter Recommend Something Regarding Vodka?

Manufacturers of the Zero Water Pitcher Filter do not recommend using it to filter vodka as there is no guarantee that it would be able to remove harmful contaminants and other elements from the drink.

What Other Options You Can Use For A More Refreshing Vodka Experience?

By using flavors, additives, or chilling the vodka before serving, you can give your vodka a more refreshing, enjoyable taste.

If you’re looking to give your vodka a cleaner and more refreshing taste, consider using some of the flavors or additives commonly used in cocktails such as lemon juice, lime juice, cranberry juice, or even sparkling water. This can help to enhance the flavor of the vodka without completely changing its character.


Zero Water Pitcher Filter is not a good option to filter vodka. If you are looking for a cleaner-tasting filtered vodka, it is best to purchase one from the store or your best bet is to look into distillation techniques. The Zero Water Pitcher Filter can be used to purify your drinking water and reduce the number of minerals present in it, but its abilities end there when it comes to filtering vodka.

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