How To Change Every Drop Water Pitcher Filter?

Drop Water Pitcher
Drop Water Pitcher

Changing the filter in your Every Drop Water Pitcher is a simple task that can help maintain the quality of your drinking water and reduce contaminants. To keep your water tasting great, it is important to change the filter periodically.

Changing Every Drop Water Pitcher Filter

Activate Filter: Soak the filter for 10 minutes in cold water. Make sure to fully submerge the filter. This will help remove air bubbles from the filter and prepare it for use in your Every Drop Water Pitcher.

Shake For Ten Seconds: Take the filter out of the water and shake it gently. This will help remove any remaining air bubbles in the filter that may affect performance.

Remove Cap: Remove the cap and insert the filter into the body. When inserting, make sure to align the filter inside of the casing.

Replace The Cap: Twist clockwise to close and secure it in place. This will ensure that there is a tight seal between the filter and the pitcher.

Filter Your Water: Place the filter on a jug or glass under the tap, turn on the water, and allow it to run through the filter. Every Drop Water Pitcher Filter will remove contaminants from your water.

Features Of Every Drop Water Pitcher Filter

Features Of Every Drop Water Pitcher Filter
Features Of Every Drop Water Pitcher Filter

Faster Than Traditional Water Pitchers: The Every Drop Water Pitcher is five times faster than traditional water filtration pitchers.

Filters 1 Gallon In 2 Minutes: Every drop pitcher filters a full gallon in just 2 minutes.

Compact Design: The Every Drop Water Pitcher is designed to be smaller and more compact than traditional water filtration pitchers, making it easy to store.

Versatile At Home & Portable On-The-Go: With its convenient size and the included travel case, you can take your filtered water anywhere. Whether you’re at home or on the go, you’ll always have clean, great-tasting water.

Protective Travel Case: The included travel case protects the pitcher from dirt and debris when transported.

Everydrop Water Filter Fills Any Container: The Every Drop Water Pitcher is designed to fill any container with filtered water so that you can enjoy clean drinking water wherever you go.

BPA Free: Every Drop Water Pitcher is BPA-free for your safety and peace of mind.

Benefits Of Using An EveryDrop Water Pitcher Filter

Chlorine And Contaminants Reduced: Everydrop water pitcher filters reduce the amount of chlorine, lead, sediment, and pharmaceuticals present in your drinking water.

Easy To Change: The filter is easy to change with a simple twist-and-pull action. It can be changed every 60 gallons or two months for optimal performance.

Fresh-Tasting Water: Everydrop filters contain activated carbon, which helps to improve the taste of your water by reducing unpleasant odors and flavors.

Affordable: Everydrop filters are sold at some grocery stores, drugstores, and home improvement centers for a reasonable price. They are also available online from various retailers.

Environmentally Friendly: The used filter material is compostable, meaning it won’t add to landfill waste. The filters don’t contain any chemicals, so you can be sure that your drinking water is safe and free of toxins.

What Does The Everydrop Water Filter Remove?

  • Heavy metals, such as lead and mercury
  • Industrial pollutants, such as herbicides and insecticides
  • Chlorine and other taste and odor impurities
  • Unpleasant odors
  • Pharmaceuticals and chemical compounds, such as cleaning agents, plasticizers, fire retardants, detergents, and disinfectants
  • Particulates such as rust, sand, soil, and dirt
  • Bacteria and cysts


How Many Colors Does The EveryDrop Filter Come In?

EveryDrop water filters come in white, and blue colors.

What Is Micro Contaminant Replacement?

Micro Contaminant replacement is a feature of the EveryDrop filter that helps you remove 99% of microbiological contaminants, such as bacteria and cysts. This filter uses an advanced filtration system to reduce or eliminate these potentially harmful particles from your drinking water.

How Many Micro Contaminant Replacements Are Included With My Everydrop Filter?

EveryDrop filters come with one micro contaminant replacement.

What Type Of Filter Does Everydrop Use?

EveryDrop uses a triple-action filtration system with a coconut shell carbon block filter. The EveryDrop filter meets NSF/ANSI standards 42 and 53 for the reduction of contaminants in drinking water.


Every drop water pitcher filter is an excellent option for ensuring fresh-tasting water and cleaner water. The filter must be replaced each time it reaches its maximum capacity to ensure that your drinking water is free from contaminants and safe for consumption. It will help maintain the optimal performance of the pitcher filter system.

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