How To Install A Culligan HF-150 Water Filter?

The Culligan HF-150 water filter
Culligan HF-150 water filter

The Culligan HF-150 water filter is a whole-house water filtration system that reduces your drinking water’s sediment, chlorine, and other impurities. It is easy to install and provides your family with fresh water.

How To Install A Culligan Hf-150 Water Filter?

Turn off the water supply
Turn off the water supply

Turn off the water supply: Before beginning the installation process of your Culligan HF-150 water filter, you must ensure that the water supply to your unit is turned off. If the water is not disconnected before installation, then you may cause damage to the filter or yourself.

Gather necessary supplies: Once the water has been turned off, gather all necessary supplies for installation. This includes a water filter wrench, two pipe wrenches, PTFE tape, and the Culligan HF-150 Water Filter.

Open the nearest faucet to drain water
Open the nearest faucet

Open the nearest faucet to drain water: After gathering the necessary supplies, you need to open the faucet nearest your filter to drain any water left in the pipes. This will help ensure that no water is present while the installation occurs.

Apply 6-inch teflon tape in pipe adapters: Once the Culligan HF-150 water filter is ready to install, take two pipe adapters and wrap each with 6-inch teflon tape. This will ensure a tight seal when connecting the adapter to the pipes in your home. Make sure you wrap it around clockwise, so it won’t come off quickly.

Assemble all fittings: Next, you will need to gather all the fittings necessary to install your water filter. This can include an inlet shut-off valve, a supply line, filters with housings, and connections such as tees and elbows. The old parts can be reused if you are replacing an existing system.

Start adapters into the cap by hand: Thread the included adapters labeled 1 and 2 into the cap by hand. Make sure that they are tight, but do not overtighten. Please do not use any tools to install them.

Use a wrench to tighten firmly: Once you have identified the correct mounting location, use a wrench to secure the filter onto the pipe. If your Culligan HF-150 water filter uses a double O-ring seal, ensure both O-rings are in place before tightening. Then tighten the nut firmly but not too tightly, as over-tightening may cause damage to the filter and the pipe.

Cut and remove a marked section of pipe: Using a pipe cutter, cut the marked section of pipe. Leave enough room on either side to fit the new filter properly. Once you have made your cuts, use a pair of pliers to remove the section from the pipe. Be careful not to damage any other sections of the pipes or fittings in the process.

Slip brass compression nut and ferrule: Slip the brass compression nut onto the end of your cold water pipe (1/2″ copper pipe). Slide a ferrule over the 1/2″ plastic tubing and then insert it into the brass compression nut. Tighten the brass compression nut with adjustable pliers.

Align filter assembly with ends of pipe
Align filter assembly with ends of pipe

Align filter assembly with ends of pipe: Before beginning the installation, make sure that the filter assembly is correctly aligned with the ends of the pipe. Line up the arrow on the filter housing lid with the arrow on the base of the filter. This will ensure that water flows straight through and out of your system without obstruction.

Slowly turn on the main water supply: Once the Culligan HF-150 water filter is installed correctly, it’s time to turn on the main water supply. Locate the shut-off valve for your home’s main water supply near the water meter or in a basement/utility room. Turn this on slowly and carefully; you may hear some air escape from the pipes as the water starts to fill them.

Depress red pressure-relief button: Located at the top of the filter housing; the pressure-relief button releases any air inside the filter. To depress the button, use your thumb or a flathead screwdriver and press down until you hear a click.

Check for leaks
Check for leaks

Check for leaks: Before you begin the installation process, ensure no leaks in your water lines.

Open the nearest faucet: To install the Culligan HF-150 water filter, begin by opening your nearest faucet or valve to allow water pressure to enter the system.

Flush for 5 minutes: Allow the filter to flush for five minutes. This will ensure that the water passes through the filter and is filtered properly.

How To Replace Culligan HF-150 Water Filter Cartridge?

Replacement parts
Replacement parts of filter

Replacement parts:

  • Pressure relief assembly
  • Blue cap
  • O-ring
  • Blue housing

Turn off the water supply: Start by turning off the water supply to the filter unit. To do this, locate the shut-off valve near the filter and turn it clockwise until it stops.

Depress red pressure-relief button: Depresses to release any trapped pressure that may have built up inside the housing.

Unscrew the bottom of the housing: Now unscrew the bottom. It can be tricky, so use caution and hold onto the bottom portion of the filter housing for support.

Locate and remove the O-ring:  Locate the O-ring on the base of the filter housing. Once you have located it, please remove it from the housing body.

Wipe clean of lubricant and set aside: Once the filter has been removed from its packaging, you should wipe any lubricant off the surface with a damp cloth. Once it is clean and dry, set it aside until you are ready to install it.

Rinse out the bottom of the housing: After you have connected the Culligan HF-150 water filter to your plumbing and electricity, rinse out the bottom of the housing with clean, cool water. This will flush out all dust that may have been collected in the housing during shipping and installation.

Fill about 1/3 full with water: Next, fill the filter with approximately one-third of a gallon of water. To do this, locate the opening at the top of the filter and pour water inside until it is about one-third full. Ensure not to overfill the filter or spill any water outside its housing.

Screw the bottom of the housing onto the cap: Align the slots at the bottom with the tabs on top of the cap. Then, twist and rotate until it is securely fastened together.

Turn on the water supply: Close the main shut-off valve. Open a tap near the filter housing to release air pressure in the line, then close it again.

Flush cartridge for 5 minutes: After installing the filter, it is essential to flush the cartridge for five minutes before use. To do this, turn on the cold water valve and let it run.

Check for leaks: Ensure no water leaks are coming from your faucet or sink. If you find any leaks, shut off the water supply and repair them before continuing with the filter installation.


Leaks between caps and water of filter housing: If the filter housing leaks between the cap and water release valve, the filter should be removed from the system. Clean all threads on both pieces with a cloth and wet-dry sandpaper to remove any dirt or debris buildup. Tighten the water lines leading into and out of the caps securely with an adjustable wrench before reinstalling the filter in the system.

Leaks in inlet/outlet connections: Check the inlet and outlet connections for leaks. If there is a leak, you will need to tighten the fittings or replace them if they are damaged. Make sure that all of the tubings are secure and not cracked. Use Teflon tape on threads if necessary to ensure a watertight seal.

Leaks in cap valve assembly: If you see any leaks from the cap valve assembly, it is essential to address them immediately. You can fix minor leaks by tightening the connections with a wrench or using Teflon tape for extra sealant. However, if your filter leaks significantly or has significant fractures in the housing, it may need to be replaced entirely.

Maintenance Tips

Maintaining your Culligan HF-150 water filter is essential to ensure correct properly and provides clean, filtered water. Here are some tips and tricks on how to best take care of your filter:

  • Make sure you change the filter cartridge every three months, as recommended by Culligan. This will help keep your system running efficiently and ensure the water is as clean as possible.
  • Regularly check for leaks or other visible signs of damage to the filter housing, tubing, and fittings. If you notice any leaks, replace the parts immediately.
  •  Inspect your filter regularly for dirt and other debris that may have been collected in the filter housing. Clean or replace any parts that are clogged or damaged.
  •  Check your system’s water pressure often to ensure it’s functioning correctly and providing clean, filtered water. If you experience low water pressure, it may be due to a clog in the filter housing or a leak in the tubing.


Can I install it outdoors?

No,  the Culligan HF-150 Water Filter must be installed indoors only. It is not intended or designed for outdoor use.

Does it reduce water pressure?

No, the Culligan HF-150 Water Filter does not reduce water pressure. It can increase water pressure if installed correctly.

What pressure drop can I expect from the new filter?

The pressure drop for the Culligan HF-150 Water Filter should be minimal. This is because the filter has a unique design that allows it to flow more efficiently than traditional filters, resulting in less pressure drop. The exact amount of pressure drop may vary depending on your home’s water pressure and other variables.

What is the function of the button on top of the casing?

The button on top of the casing is used to reset the filter after manually replacing it. To reset, press and hold the button for 3 seconds until you hear a click. This indicates that the new filter has been successfully installed and is working correctly.

Can it be installed inverted?

No, the Culligan HF-150 Water Filter should not be installed inverted. If it is installed upside down, this could result in water flow and filter performance issues. The best way to install the Culligan HF-150 Water Filter is with the filter cartridge in a vertical position and the black handle facing up.

Should the filter mounting be installed vertically?

No, the Culligan HF-150 water filter should not be installed vertically. It must be installed horizontally as per the instructions in the installation manual. This ensures proper pressure and flow of water through the filter and reduces any chance of leakage. The installation manual will also provide advice on assembling, mounting, and connecting components to

Will it work for both cold and hot water?

The Culligan HF-150 Water Filter can be installed for cold and hot water. The installation process is straightforward, regardless of the type of water you wish to filter.


Installing a Culligan HF-150 water filter is relatively easy to do and can be completed in a short amount of time. After completing the installation, you should test the filter for proper functioning before use. It’s also important to remember that filters will need periodic replacement as they become clogged with sediment and other particles that can reduce water flow. With proper maintenance and replacement, your Culligan HF-150 water filter can provide you with clean, filtered water for many years.

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