How To Install A Royal Prestige Water Filter?

Royal Prestige water filters offer superior filtration and purification for your home. The filters have multiple stages of filtration, including activated carbon and reverse osmosis. Installing a Royal Prestige water filter is easy, but it does require some basic plumbing skills.

What Is A Royal Prestige Water Filter?

What Is A Royal Prestige Water Filter
A Royal Prestige Water Filter

A Royal Prestige water filter is a type of filtration system that utilizes multiple stages to remove impurities and contaminants from your drinking water. It can be used for residential and commercial applications, providing the cleanest, safest, and highest-quality water possible. The filters reduce chlorine taste, odors, sediment, and other harmful chemicals such as lead, mercury, and cysts. Royal Prestige water filters also reduce the need for bottled water by providing more natural-tasting, healthier drinking water from your existing tap.

Material Required

Material Required
Material Required
  • Hammer
  • drill
  • tape

How To Install Royal Prestige Water Filter?

Locate the area to install the filter: Royal Prestige water filters must be installed in areas with a consistent temperature. Before installation, make sure that the area is clean and free of debris.

Locate the area to install the filter
Area to install the filter

Cover the location with masking tape: Once you have all the measurements, take a roll of masking tape and cover the area you want to paint. This will help keep the edges neat. Also, press firmly when sticking the tape in place so it won’t accidentally peel off during painting.

Use a hammer to make an indication: Hammering is a simple and effective way to make an indication on an object. It involves tapping the object with a hammer in a specific pattern or location to create an impression. This technique can be used on metal, wood, stone, plastic, and other materials.

Drill a pilot hole into the sink: Use a drill and the appropriate size bit to make a pilot hole. This hole should be slightly smaller than the diameter of your tailpiece or pipe. Start at a low speed and slowly work your way up to ensure you don’t damage anything.

Drill a pilot hole into the sink
Drill a pilot hole

Remove the aerator from the kitchen faucet: Locate it on your kitchen faucet and ensure it is securely screwed onto the end of the spout. Unscrew the aerator with adjustable pliers or an aerator wrench, depending on what type of aerator you have.

Thread the valve directly to the faucet
Thread the valve to the faucet

Thread the valve directly to the faucet: Once you have identified the right valve for your faucet, it is time to thread it directly. Place the valve onto the threaded opening in the faucet and use a spanner wrench to fasten the connection securely.

Use an adapter if it does not attach directly: If the device you are trying to connect does not attach directly, an adapter may be required. Thread adapters with the kitchen faucet.

Thread diverter valve to the adapter: Once the filter has been inserted, it is time to attach a diverter valve that will direct water to the filter. Begin by attaching the diverter valve to an adapter. Securely tighten the connection with a wrench or pliers. It may be helpful to apply some Teflon tape around the threads of the pipe before attaching the valve.

Push the red and blue tubes: Make sure the red and blue tubes fit snugly onto the royal prestige water filter. Push them with your thumb and ensure they won’t be loose during use.

Push the red and blue tubes
Push the red and blue tubes

Lightly tug on tubes to ensure they are securely connected: After connecting the supply and outlet tubes, lightly tug on them to ensure they are securely connected. You may need to tighten the connections if you don’t feel any resistance when you pull on the tubes.

Position the system to sink: Position the Royal Prestige Water Filter system near your sink. The filter head should be connected to a faucet close to an outside wall or the cold water pipe leading into your home. The sediment pre-filter should be installed on a vertical surface higher than the filter head and the drain line for gravity to take effect when flushing out accumulated dirt during cleaning operations.

Position the system to sink
Position the system to sink

Turn the cold water ON: To install a royal prestige water filter, you must turn on the cold water supply. This can usually be done from the main shut-off valve at your home or property line.

Turn the cold water ON
Turn the cold water ON

Turn the diverter valve upward: Unscrew the diverter valve located on the right side of the faucet. Turn the valve upward to point straight up and perpendicular to the faucet. This will allow water to flow through the filter system instead of directly from your pipes.

Water will begin filling the system: Once the filter is connected to the faucet, turn on the cold water supply. The filter will begin filling with water, and you should see a steady stream running out into the sink. Allow the system to fill until no more air bubbles are emitted from underneath the valve cap.

Make sure connections are tight: After securing the filter to your faucet, ensure all connections are tight. You should also ensure that the filter is tightly connected to the faucet before turning on the water.

Make sure connections are tight
Make sure connections

Flush the water for 15 minutes: Once the filter has been connected to the water line, flush out any dust or dirt in the system. This can be done by running cold water through the filter for 15 minutes. During this time, check if any leaks are around the connections or from within the filter itself.

Flush the water for 15 minutes
Flush the water


How To Replace The Cartridge?

Turn off cold water: Turn off the cold water supply to the tap. Once you’ve done this, open up the faucet and allow all the stored water to run out until there is no more flowing.

Remove lid assembly turning counterclockwise
Remove lid assembly turning

Remove lid assembly turning counterclockwise: Set aside once the lid is removed. It can be reused when reinstalling. Locate the filter cartridge inside the housing, and remove it by turning it counterclockwise until it no longer turns. Carefully remove the used filter from the housing and discard it properly. Separate it from the filter housing.

  1. Wash inside the filter housing with warm water: Wash the inside with warm water before attaching it to your plumbing.

Remove plastic wrap from the new cartridge: To remove the plastic wrap from your new Royal Prestige water filter cartridge, locate the two white tabs on either side of the cartridge. Grasp these tabs firmly and pull them straight down to remove the plastic wrap.

Thread new cartridge clockwise on lid assembly
Thread new cartridge clockwise

Thread new cartridge clockwise on lid assembly: Once the lid is assembled, thread the new cartridge clockwise onto it. Make sure the label on the filter faces up, and then tighten with your fingers until snug. You should feel a slight resistance when doing so, as this indicates that it is properly installed.

Turn the cold water on
Turn the cold water on

Turn the cold water on : After inserting Royal Prestige Water Filter, turn on the cold water at your sink. Ensure the water pressure is steady and not too high or low. Allowing it to run for a few seconds will help flush any sediment out of the pipes.


Water runs from the faucet after turning it off: If water runs from the faucet after turning it off, ensure the water filter is installed correctly. Check all connections and make sure any O-rings are seated properly.

Water pressure decreases while running: If water pressure decreases while running, ensure the filter is not clogged. Check the filter indicator or replace the filter if necessary. Additionally, check that all parts of the system are properly installed and no air bubbles are present in the line.

White sediments in filtered water: If you notice white sediments in your filtered water, this may be caused by a buildup of limescale, calcium, and magnesium deposits. These can reduce the filter’s effectiveness, so it is important to clean your Royal Prestige Water Filter regularly.

Yellow lamp on the beauty ring is flashing: If the yellow lamp on the beauty ring is flashing, you need to replace the filter cartridge. Disconnect power before performing maintenance. Unscrew the beauty ring and remove the old cartridge slowly. Carefully install a new cartridge of your choice – Place the beauty ring back in its original position and tighten it with the provided wrench.

Water is leaking between tubes: If you are experiencing water leaking from the tube joining the filter to your faucet, try tightening it with a wrench. If this does not fix the issue, try replacing the rubber washers.


Can you hook up the water filter under the sink?

Can you hook up the water filter under the sink
water filter under the sink

Yes, you can hook up a Royal Prestige water filter under the sink. All you need is a sink faucet adapter kit and basic plumbing tools.

Can I install RO myself?

Yes, you can install a Royal Prestige water filter yourself. The installation process is relatively simple and doesn’t require any professional expertise.

Is royal prestige NSF certified?

Yes, all Royal Prestige Water Filters are NSF Certified. This certification is important because it means the filter meets strict standards of safety and performance set by the National Sanitation Foundation.

Does this filter work with Culligan HF-360a?

No, the Royal Prestige water filter is incompatible with the Culligan HF-360a. If you are looking for a water filter that works with the Culligan HF-360a, you may want to look into models specifically designed for it.

Is the filter compatible with the water care system?

Is the filter compatible with the water care system
compatible with the water care system

Royal Prestige water filters are typically compatible with most water care systems, including those from the same brand.


This filter will ensure that your drinking water is safe and free of contaminants. It’s easy to install and maintain, so you won’t need to worry about it for years to come. Check your unit regularly to ensure everything is working properly, and that the filter is still doing its job. With a Royal Prestige Water Filter, you can rest assured your water will always be clean and safe for your family to enjoy.

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