How To Install Cuckoo Water Filter?

The Cuckoo water filter is an effective and easy-to-install filter that can provide you with safe, clean drinking water. It’s perfect for the home or office, and the installation process is simple.

Installing a cuckoo water filter is relatively straightforward. You need to connect the filter directly to the faucet, attach the included hoses, and fit it into its designated spot on the countertop. As soon as it’s installed, you have to turn on the tap, and the water will begin to pass through the filter, ensuring that you have clean and purified drinking water.

cuckoo water filter
Cuckoo water filter

Things Needed For Installing The Cuckoo Filter

  •      Sharp knife
  •      Screwdriver
  •      Pliers
  •      Adjustable wrenches
  •      Electric drill machine
Things Needed For Installing The Cuckoo Filter
Things Needed For Installing filter

Installation Kit Includes

  •     Faucet mounted diverter
  •     Faucet adapters
  •     T-valve
  •     Water tubing
  •     Cable tiles

Faucet Installation Of Cuckoo Filter

Remove the aerator from the faucet
Remove the aerator from the faucet

Remove the aerator from the faucet: Unscrew the aerator and set it aside. You may need pliers or a small wrench to loosen it.

Connect diverter to faucet by hand
Connect diverter t

Connect diverter to faucet by hand: Once the tap adapter is firmly attached, you can install it by simply hand-tightening it onto the adapter. When you do this, ensure that both components are facing in the same direction and that there is no gap between them.

Seal the diverter tightly: Once the bracket is in place, it’s time to seal it. Make sure that the rubber O-ring is still in place, and check that there are no gaps around the metal ring.

Remove tubing and end cap: Remove the tubing and cap from the blue end of the Cuckoo water filter, then discard it.

Connect the tubing
Connect the tubing

Connect the tubing: Take one end of the tubing and thread it onto the outlet of your cuckoo water filter. Secure it with a hose clamp or some electrical tape if necessary. Make sure that the tubing is tight and secure so no water can escape from the connection.

Put back end cap
Put back end cap

Put back end cap: Reattach the end cap, making sure both the ports and o-ring are properly aligned. Secure it by turning it clockwise until you feel it click in place.

Connect water input with tubing: Thread the tubing at the end of the water filter and connect it to the water input.

 Make sure that tubing is fully inserted: Before proceeding with the installation of your Cuckoo Water Filter, make sure that all tubing is inserted fully and securely into the openings. This is to ensure proper water flow throughout the system.

Connect the power cord to the cuckoo mouse: Locate the power socket on the back of the cuckoo water filter. Connect one end of the power cord to the power socket and plug the other end into an electrical outlet.

Place cuckoo mouse on top of the sink
Place cuckoo mouse on top of the sink

Place cuckoo mouse on top of the sink: Place cuckoo mouse on top of the sink. Make sure that the drain hole in the bottom of the filter lines up with the center of your sink’s drain hole.

Remove water tray: Once the cuckoo filter is installed, you will need to remove the water tray. The water tray collects any excess water which spills during installation and prevents dripping onto your countertop.

 Activate non-stop flow function: To activate the non-stop flow function of your Cuckoo Water Filter, turn the water supply lever on the side or the back of your filter counterclockwise.

Please turn it off after ten minutes: After the water has been filtered for 10 minutes, turn it off.

Under sink installation

Close the cold water supply valve: To begin, you’ll need to turn off the main water supply valve. This will be a cold water supply shut-off valve underneath your kitchen sink for under-sink installation.

Close the cold water supply valve
Close the cold water supply valve

Disconnect the water supply hose: Disconnect the water supply hose from your home’s main water supply. Depending on how your home is plumbed, this may require a spanner or wrench.

Disconnect the water supply hose
Disconnect the water supply

Connect the T-valve: Once you have secured the cuckoo water filter to the wall, it’s time to connect it. The T-valve is responsible for supplying water to both the faucet and the filter itself.

Connect the T-valve
Connect the T-valve

Connect house of water supply to T-valve: Now connect the house of water supply to the T-valve. The two hoses with the filter should be connected to the T-valve, one on the inlet side and another on the outlet side.

Connect house of water supply to T-valve
Connect house of water supply to T-valve

Connect water input with tubing: Connect the tubing from the water input valve to the filter’s inlet. Ensure that both ends are tightly closed so no water will leak out.

Ensure that the tubing is fully inserted: Once the filter is connected to the tap, each tube is fully inserted into its respective fitting. This will ensure a proper seal and prevent water from leaking.


Make a hole for tubing on the sink: Drill a hole on the side of the sink that is close to the outlet faucet. The hole should be slightly more significant than the tubing you will use for your cuckoo water filter system.

Make a hole for tubing on the sink
Make a hole for tubing on the sink

Connect tubing with water supply: Attach the other end of the provided tubing to a cold water supply line. A saddle valve or a 1/4-inch compression fitting can connect it to an existing pipe in your home.

Connect the tubing to T-valve: Once the filter is placed in its desired location, it’s time to connect the T-valve and the tubing that will bring water from the primary source. Take one end of the tubing and insert it into the fitting on top of the T-valve. Push firmly until it fits securely.

Turn on the water supply: Turn on the main water supply. Ensure the valve is open and the filter has access to water.

Connect to housing: Now connect the housing to the cuckoo mouse.

 Plug in Cuckoo mouse: Plug the supplied power cord into the back of your Cuckoo filter, and then plug the other end into a wall socket.

Activate continuous p flow function for ten minutes: To activate the continuous flow function of your Cuckoo water filter, press and hold the “Flow” button for ten seconds. This will ensure adequate water flows through the filter to achieve optimal purification.

Activate continuous p flow function for ten minutes
Activate continuous p flow function for ten minutes

Replacing Cuckoo Water Filter

Check the filter alarm: The filter alarm will start to sound when it is time to replace it. If you hear a beeping sound, it’s time to replace the filter with a new one.

Check which filter needs to be replaced: The Cuckoo Water Filter system has replaceable filters. Inspect the indicator outside the filter body to check which filter needs to be replaced. Each filter will have a different colored indicator that will tell you when it is time to change out your old filter and install a new one.

Press the filter replacement button: Once you have identified it, press it. The filter you need to change will light up.

Place cuckoo filter over the sink: Place the cuckoo water filter over the top of your sink. Make sure it is firmly in place, and then secure it with the metal band.

Open the filter cover by losing the bottom and top screws: Use a flat-head screwdriver to loosen the screws and lift off the filter cover. The water supply will automatically be closed.

Press the dispense button on the remaining water in the filter: If any remaining water is in the filter, press and hold the dispense button for 8 seconds until the water has been completely drained.

Unplug the power plug:  Unplug the power plug to your cuckoo water filter to remove and install a new filter.

Grab the filter and pull it out toward you: Now grab the old water filter and pull it out toward you.

Replace the new filter: Turn the knob on the top of the filter counterclockwise to unscrew it. Place a new filter into the opening, ensuring it is properly seated.

Close the filter cover: After you’ve finished installing the filter, it’s time to close the cover. Make sure that the cover is securely fastened and all the parts are connected. If any of the parts are not secure, water may leak out.

Tighten the screws: You will need to tighten the screws on the mounting bracket after attaching the filter. You can use a screwdriver or an adjustable wrench to do this. The water supply will open to the filter.

Connect the power plug: Connect the power plug to the electrical outlet.

 Before use, flush the water for ten minutes: Flush the water for ten minutes before drinking water. Discard the water and then drink water from the filter.

Clean the water around the filter with a soft cloth: Remove the water filter system from its package and clean it with a soft cloth. Before installing it in your home, it is essential to make sure that the filter is free of any dirt or debris.

Reset the filter replacement alarm: After installing the new filter, successfully reset the filter replacement button.


Is it worth buying an air purifier?

Yes, it is worth investing in an air purifier. Not only will it help reduce airborne allergens and pollutants, but it can also provide relief from asthma and other respiratory ailments.

Is the Cuckoo water filter good?

Cuckoo water filters are good because they provide clean and safe drinking water. They use a combination of activated carbon and ion exchange to remove contaminants from the water while preserving its natural flavor.

Is a Cuckoo water filter better than a coway?

It will depend on your personal preference and the specific needs of your home. Cuckoo water filters are made with the latest technology and offer several features that make them stand out from other water filters.

When should I replace the cuckoo water filter?

The life span of the cuckoo water filter will depend on the type you purchase and how often it is used. Generally, most filters last for about 3-6 months or up to 300 gallons, whichever comes first. It’s essential to keep an eye on your filter so that you know when it needs replacing.

Is their child lock button in the Cuckoo water filter?

Yes, the Cuckoo Water Filter has a child lock button. This feature prevents accidental changes or unauthorized access to the filter settings.

Can I change the voice volume button?

Yes, you can adjust the voice volume button of your Cuckoo water filter by pressing the “Volume” button on the control panel. The volume will be increased or decreased in increments when the Volume Button is pressed.


Installing your Cuckoo water filter is a simple process that only takes a few minutes. To ensure quality and safe results, you should always follow the manufacturer’s instructions when installing the filter. With minimal effort and time, you can enjoy clean and fresh drinking water with your cuckoo water filter.

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