Is A Faucet Water Filter Better Than A Filter Pitcher?

Faucet water filters are more efficient than filter pitchers. They deliver clean, fresh-tasting water quickly and easily without the hassle of having to fill a pitcher from the tap each time you want filtered water.

What Is A Faucet Water Filter?

What Is A Faucet Water Filter
A Faucet Water Filter

A faucet water filter is an easy and convenient way to filter tap water directly from your kitchen faucet. The filter typically attaches directly to the end of the faucet. The filter then removes contaminants and particulates that can affect taste, odor, and clarity before they make it into your drinking glass or pot of cooking water.

Advantages Of Faucet Water Filters

Life Span: Most faucet water filters come with replaceable cartridges that allow for easy maintenance and a long life span of the filter.

Ease of Use: A faucet water filter is incredibly easy to use—simply attach it to your tap and let the filtered water flow through .

Convenient: With a faucet water filter, you don’t have to constantly refill a pitcher.

Fast Filtration: Faucet water filters can filter more water than most pitchers in the same amount of time.

Better Quality Filtered Water: Faucet water filters can remove more impurities than pitcher filters.

Smell & Taste Of Water: Faucet water filters can improve the smell and taste of your tap water by removing chlorine, bacteria, and other impurities, giving you clean and fresh-smelling water.

Water Is Ready At Any Time: With a faucet water filter, you can have access to filtered water anytime you want.

Produces Healthier Water: Faucet water filters provide the safest and most effective way to filter your tap water, eliminating harmful chemicals and toxins.

Eco-Friendly: Faucet water filters help conserve resources by using much less water than other filtration methods.

Blocks Heavy Metals: Faucet water filters block heavy metals, pesticides, and other contaminants that can lead to health problems.

Saves Money: In the long run, a faucet water filter can save you money since it eliminates the need to buy bottled water.

Disadvantages Of Faucet Water Filters

Appearance: Faucet water filters are not as aesthetically pleasing as filter pitchers, which can often be stored in plain view.

More Expensive: Faucet water filters can cost more than filter pitchers, so you have to consider your budget before investing in one.

Installation Required: Most faucet water filters require installation and may need professional help. This adds to the upfront cost of the filter.

Maintenance Required: Regular maintenance and cleaning of the filter cartridge are necessary to ensure optimal performance, adding extra work for the user.

Not Portable: Faucet water filters are not meant to be carried around and used in other locations. They must be installed in the same place, adding to the inconvenience of installation.

Not Ideal For All Water Sources: Some faucet water filters may not be effective if the quality of your tap water is poor. You should consider the source of your water before investing in a faucet filter.

No Automated Monitoring System: Most faucet water filters don’t have an automated monitoring system to alert you when it’s time for filter replacement or maintenance. You’ll need to remember to do it yourself.

Pitcher Water Filter

Pitcher Water Filter
Pitcher Water Filter

A pitcher water filter is a portable device designed to remove contaminants from tap water. The pitcher holds the unfiltered water, which then passes through a filter usually made of activated carbon or ceramic materials. The filtered water is then stored in the same pitcher until ready for use.

Advantages Of Water Filter Pitchers

Affordable: Pitcher water filters are relatively affordable compared to other water filtration systems.

Convenience: The pitcher-style design makes these filters easy to use and convenient to refill with water when needed.

No Installation Required: Unlike faucet water filters, pitchers don’t require any plumbing or installation, so they’re perfect to take with you on the go.

Effective: Pitcher water filters are effective at reducing many chemicals, such as chlorine and lead.

Easy To Use: Just fill up the pitcher, wait for the water to filter through, and pour it into your glass. Pitcher filters don’t require electricity, they are a much better choice for the environment than faucet water filters.

Good Smell & Taste Of Water: Not only do pitcher filters remove unwanted chemicals, but they also make the water smell and taste better.

Portable: As these filters don’t require any installation, they are portable and can be taken with you wherever you go.

Easy Maintenance: Most pitcher water filters come with an indicator to tell you when it’s time to change the filter.

Eliminates Contaminants: Pitcher water filters help eliminate heavy metals, as well as other unwanted contaminants.

Improves Food Taste: Using a pitcher filter will make food taste better as it will remove any unpleasant taste caused by chemicals in the water.

Disadvantages Of Water Filter Pitchers

Limited Capacity: Most pitchers only hold about 8 to 10 cups of water, so they need to be refilled often if you’re using a lot of water.

Slow Filtration: The filtration process is quite slow, taking up to 15 minutes for a full pitcher.

Not As Effective: While pitcher filters are effective at reducing most contaminants, they don’t remove everything. For example, microorganisms and pharmaceuticals can still pass through the filter.

Costly Replacement Filters: The replacement filters are relatively expensive, so the cost of using a pitcher filter can add up over time.

Not Reusable: The filters aren’t reusable, meaning more waste is created as you have to buy new ones every two to three months.


Will My Water Taste Good After Filtering It Using A Faucet Filter?

Yes, faucet filters are designed to improve the taste of water as well as reduce contaminants. Some types of filters can also enhance the smell and color of your drinking water.


Both faucet water filters and filter pitchers offer advantages in different scenarios. By being mindful of your budget, needs, and the type of contaminants you’re looking to remove, you’ll be able to choose the best filter system for your home. With the right filtering system in place, you’ll be able to enjoy crisp and clean water that is free of harmful contaminants.

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