Royal Prestige 5500 Water Filter Review

The Flexible design of the 5500 water filter allows for easy attachment under the counter to serve your needs in addition to a convenient and discreet installation. The pressure under the counter gives you the advantage of having a dedicated supply key for your optimum satisfaction and comfort.

Royal Prestige Water Filter
Royal Prestige 5500 Water Filter

In the cool core of the 5500 water filter, it is built with non-toxic materials that will not modify the biological composition of the water while its exterior is made durable and has a stunning appearance.

It is essential for the well-being of the entire family; with the 5500 water filter, your worries are gone giving you fresher and more reliable water. Only with the new 5500 water filter from royal prestige will you enjoy the clearly natural water.

What Is Royal Prestige 5500, Water Filter?

What Is Royal Prestige 5500, Water Filter
Royal Prestige 5500, Water Filter

It is medically advisable to treat the water you drink, the cause of most illness experienced in children and adults is due to the intake of water with different contaminants which are vectors of water transmitted diseases such as soil sediments, spirogyra, viruses, and bacteria, etc.

The new royal prestige 5500 water filter is a portable device created to solve that particular problem.

The 5500 water filter is meant to treat water at the supplied key, thereby supplying clean where needed. It is portable and can be carried for a hike. This flexibility makes access to quality and freshwater on the go affordable and reliable.

A health-conscious user wouldn’t just settle for a water softener. Instead, go for a detailed water filtration system. Even in remote locations, get rid of sediments, chlorine, or chloramine. The royal prestige 5500 water filter will ensure the water supply at all times is disinfected, safe, and always obtainable.

Why You Should Use Royal Prestige 5500 Water Filter?

Royal Prestige 5500 Water Filter
Royal Prestige 5500 Water Filter

ir?t=aww101 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B01EW4PELYAs suggested before, using Royal prestige 5500 water filter is essential for healthy living going a long way in saving you from water impurities. If you are looking to getting the best performance, then you are in the right place. The royal prestige is a reliable company that has been in operation for decades. They deal with cooking wear and are experts at water filtration systems. ROYAL PRESTIGE 5500 WATER FILTER is efficient and consistent in making sure that the water supply is well treated.

Above is the product been described, isn’t it sleek? Let me analyze its components and their benefits.

  • Sediment Pre-Filter: it reduces chlorine, taste, odor, dirt, and sediment ahead of the central filter
  • Central water filter: Reduces chlorine, taste, and odor
  • UV filter: kills more than 99% of any bacteria or viruses in your water
  • Water softener: it softens the water by reducing scale buildup, spots, and stains in hard water
  • Post-Filter: Gets rids of remaining sediments 5 microns or larger

You can get this product on avergae for $160 to $399.00 at Lowest. Other pieces are also available to help modify your system to the nature of the water you want.



It is very paramount to know how to use a new device been bought. Enclosed in all royal prestige products is a user manual for operation and installation, although I have taken the preference to explain in full detail how the royal prestige 5500 water filter operates.

The filtration method with activated carbon which absorbs impurities with a great advantage of reducing chlorine, taste, and other unpleasantness located in your water system. Its premium feature helps in the reduction of herbicides and any other volatile organics.

The mechanism behind the great result you get from the water filter is in the process of absorption by trapping particles in the carbon pores, thereby reducing contaminants like chlorine, volatile organics, herbicides, pesticides, etc.


This might be the reason some just settle for the common filters because they find fixing water treatment filters quite complicated. Well, I won’t share the information without telling you how to go about it.

So relax as I put you through. It’s very easy to install even if you are not quite familiar with water treatment filters you can pull this through on your own following these stepwise instructions below;


off and drained of all water
Turn off drained of all water

1. Make sure the central plumbing that supplies water to the house is off and drained of all water. You can do this by opening all faucets and fixtures and then open a draw-off valve near the main.

know the exact location
Exact location for fitting

2. Be sure to know the exact location you want to fix the water filter.

3. Cut into the pipe main water supply. Preferably use a tubing cutter to have a perfect result.

4. Clean, and solder the adapter fittings to transition into the filter housing to keep the heat away from the filter. You can use a workbench as a surface. When cool, connect the adapter fittings to the filter housing, using thread sealing tape on thread connections

Add “T” fittings
Adding “T” fittings

5. clean, flux, and then dry-fit the other connections left. Add “T” fittings that let water flow into and out of the filter. However, you should also connect a shutoff valve that will act as a bypass. Include two shutoff valves for water entering and leaving the filter.

6. Usually, the bypass valve has to closed, while the other two filter valves are open.

connections have been made

7. Once all connections have been made, turn the water pressure back on to the building and check for leaks

Isn’t it an innovative agronomic device? So you are now ready to enjoy the benefits ROYAL PRESTIGE Corporation has to offer. One fascinating fact about the filter is that it can last you for as much as six years before replacing wherever, whenever.


Royal Prestige 5500 water filter

Royal Prestige 5500 water filter is a convenient and obtainable alternative to filter water on the go.

It is embedded with an activated charcoal filtration system, which reduces chlorine taste and odor without altering the biological property of water.

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