What are the Best Types of Water Filters?

Know the advantages and disadvantages of each type of water filter, so you always have the drink available at your home. bottled water on the market may be an option, but it is not always the most efficient and definitely not the cheapest way to quench thirst, especially with so many other ways to get filtered water available on the market.

Best Type Of Water Filter?
What are the Best Type Of Water Filter?

What are the Best Types of Water Filters?

If you are thinking of installing a filter in your home, check out the options we have separated for you to know!

Each type of filter comes with pros and cons, which we will point out in the text below, so you can choose the one that makes the most sense for your day to day or, if appropriate, keep up with the gallon of water.

Remember that in this text we are not considering filter brands, only the types, and models that can be found in the market.

1.Tap water filter or scrubber

Tap water filter or scrubber
Tap water filter or scrubber

The purifying filter is a fairly inexpensive model that is easy to find in home improvement or construction stores. These models are attached to the tap (usually from the kitchen sink) or, in some cases, can be placed in an independent water outlet on the wall.

Although it is cheap and efficient, as it is dependent on the tap water outlet pressure, it is always advisable not to open it at full pressure as the water is filtered “in real-time” when you open the valve.

Care should be taken to clean the internal filter of these devices, which should usually be refilled every six months or year by year, depending on the model and manufacturer (in this case, be careful also to purchase the correct refill for your device). your model). The good thing is that it filters the water on time and without manual effort, quenching your thirst whenever you need it and without difficulties.

Price of a faucet filter: between $ 50 and $ 200.

2.Center (or water inlet) filter

Center (or water inlet) filter
Inlet Filter

This type of filter is installed directly in the water inlet of the house or apartment, causing all the water in the house to be filtered, in all taps, showers, washing machines, etc. It is an interesting filter to keep the house water tank clean longer as it eliminates all dirt particles that could get into the house water.

Its installation must be done after the water clock of the furniture or before the water tank of the place. However, its price is much higher than other types of filters and careful maintenance is required to maintain water quality. The filter should be changed approximately every 3 years.

Price of a central filter: between $ 500 and $ 2,000

3.Ozonizing filter

Ozonizing filter
Water Ozonizing filter

These filters use a filtration method that causes water to come into contact with ozone gas, a method that is considered quite aggressive but highly effective. This is because ozone is a very effective oxidizing agent not only for all bacteria and viruses and various species of impurity.

The major disadvantage is that the process makes the water bubble and it should not be consumed immediately, requiring about 10 minutes of rest before it is swallowed.

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