Why Is The Water Gray After Installing New Water Filter?

Have you ever noticed that the water from your tap is a bit gray after installing a new water filter? This is not only an unsightly problem but can also be concerning for those without much knowledge about plumbing.

The cause of this strange phenomenon is usually caused by air pockets becoming trapped in the filter housing. This occurs when the filter is installed improperly. The air can mix with the water and cause it to look gray.

Why Is The Water Gray After Installing A New Water Filter?

Why Is The Water Gray After Installing A New Water Filter
Water Gray After Installing A New Water Filter

In some cases, the water may appear grayish or cloudy after installing a new water filter. Air bubbles generally cause this in the lines that can be created when changing an existing filter system. The trapped air causes the water to take on a grayish hue but doesn’t indicate contamination. The best way to get rid of the grayish hue is to run the tap until it clears up simply. This may take a few minutes, but after running the water for a while, it should look clear again.

How To Get Rid Of Gray Water From Filter?


Is The Correct Water Supply Line Installed?

If you recently installed a new water filter, it is essential to ensure the correct water supply line for the filter has been used. If the wrong type of water supply line was used, then this could be causing your gray water issue.

Was New Plumbing Recently Connected Or Installed?

The gray color of your water may be coming from newly installed plumbing. If new piping was recently connected to your main line, it might take time for all the debris stirred up to settle before you have clear water again. A reaction between the metal pipes and other substances in the water could also cause it.

Is The Refrigerator Connected To A Cold Water Supply Line?

When installing a new water filter, you may notice that the refrigerator’s water is cloudy or gray. This can be caused by air bubbles trapped in the cold-water supply line leading to the refrigerator. To release these air pockets, open the cold-water valve on your sink and let it run for a few minutes, then recheck the water.

Was The Water System Flushed After Filter Installation Or Replacement?

If the water system wasn’t flushed after a filter was installed or replaced, that could be why the water is coming out gray. Sediment can build up over time in your pipes, and when the new filter is installed, it stirs up this sediment, causing it to enter the water flow and discolor it. Flushing the system can help to eliminate this issue.

Is Your Filter Marked With Whirlpool Or Every Drop?

If your water filter is marked with Whirlpool or Every drop, activated carbon particles from the new filter likely cause the gray color of your water. Activated carbon filters work to remove contaminants like chlorine and fluoride from your water, but the tiny granules can escape and make their way into your drinking water. These particles are harmless and will dissipate over time, but they can cause your water to be discolored.

Does The Water Filter Need To Be Changed?

Does The Water Filter Need To Be Changed
Water Filter Need To Be Changed

If you have recently installed a new water filter and the water is coming out gray, don’t panic! It could simply be due to air trapped in the line. Often, when a new filter is installed, the lines need to be purged of any excess air and will typically clear up after some use.
However, if the water remains gray even after running it for several minutes, you may need to replace the filter. This could mean that the new filter has become clogged or damaged in transit and is no longer filtering the water properly.

Why Do I Need To Flush My Filter?

Your new water filter is designed to help reduce impurities, such as sediment and chlorine, in your drinking water. A process called “flushing” is necessary to ensure the most effective filtration. This process helps remove any residual dirt or debris from the filter’s surface before it can end up in your home’s drinking water. Flushing your filter helps reduce the grayish color in the water and ensures that you’re drinking clean, clear water.

How Can Dangerous Be Gray Water?

Gray water can be dangerous because it may contain particles, sediment, and other foreign matter that could have been filtered out during the installation of a new water filter. These contaminants may contain bacteria, viruses, or parasites that may harm your health if consumed. Additionally, gray water can corrode pipes and cause further contamination of the drinking water supply.

How To Flush The New Water Filter?

Flushing the new water filter is crucial to ensure your water is clean and free of contaminants. It’s also necessary to install a new filter to remove any residual material from the manufacturing process. The process is simple: run cold water through the filter for 5-10 minutes. This should be done at least once a month to keep your water clean and clear.


Is it normal for water to come out black after a new filter is installed in the refrigerator?

Yes, this is a regular occurrence. When a new filter is installed, it can stir up sediment built up in the lines over time. This can cause the water to come out gray or black.

Why does the Brita water filter cause the water to be black?

Why does the Brita water filter cause the water to be black
Brita water filter cause the water to be black

The cause of the black water after installing a Brita Water Filter is most likely due to mineral deposits in your water. Some minerals are also removed when the Brita filter removes contaminants from your water. They can leave behind a residue that will eventually form a dark discoloration.

Is it wrong to drink water from an old filter?

No, drinking water from an old filter is not harmful. Still, if the water starts to look gray or cloudy after replacing your filter, this could be a sign of sediment buildup or other contaminants in the water supply.

Are charcoal water filters safe?

Charcoal water filters are generally considered safe and effective when used correctly. Charcoal has been used to filter water for centuries, and modern charcoal-based water filters can remove a wide range of contaminants from your drinking water.

How soon can I drink water after changing the filter?

How soon can I drink water after changing the filter
Drink water after changing the filter

Once you have installed a new charcoal water filter, it is essential to flush the filter with water for five minutes before using it. This will help to remove any loose particulates that may have accumulated during installation and help ensure that your water is clean and safe to drink.


Gray water after installing a new water filter is usually caused by a clogged filter or sediment buildup. This can happen if the filter is not replaced regularly or if your home has hard water with high levels of minerals. To prevent this from happening again, make sure to replace your filters on schedule and consider adding a whole-house water filtration system to reduce sediment buildup. Doing so can help ensure that your home’s water supply remains clean and clear.

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