How To Change A PUR Water Filter Pitcher?

Changing the pitcher filter is very easy and takes less time. When changing your PUR water filter pitcher, always discard the old filter responsibly and replace it with a genuine PUR filter certified to reduce lead and other contaminants. With proper maintenance, you can trust the quality of hydration from your PUR Water Filter Pitcher for years to come.

Changing Pur Pitcher Filter

Changing Pur Pitcher Filter
Pur Pitcher Filter

You Will Need

You Will Need
Things needed
  • New PUR water filter pitcher
  • Sink with cold running water
  • Paper towel


Gently Lift The Tab And Take Off The Lid: Using your fingers, carefully pull up the tab and remove the lid of the pitcher.

Discard Old Filter: Take out the old filter from its housing in the upper chamber by rotating it clockwise and discarding it.

Soak New Filter
Soak New Filter in water

Soak New Filter: Place the new Pur Plus water filter with lead reduction into a jug filled with cold running water. Make sure the water covers the filter completely. Soak the filter for fifteen minutes to remove air or any other contamination from within it. This helps the filter to operate more efficiently. 

Rinse The New Filter
Rinse The New Filter with water

Rinse The New Filter: Remove the filter from the water and rinse it under cold running water for around 10 seconds.

Insert the new filter into its housing

Reassemble: Insert the new filter into its housing by turning it counterclockwise until it locks. Hit the bottom of the filter to ensure that it is securely in its place. Place the tray back into the pitcher and fill it with cold water.

Reset Filter Change Light: Once you have reassembled the PUR Plus filter, replace the lid on the pitcher. Press and hold down the filter change light button for five seconds or more until it flashes green. This indicates that your new filter is ready for use.

Why Removing An Old Pur Pitcher Filter Is Important?

  • Replacing an old filter can help reduce the amount of lead, mercury, and other contaminants that may be present in tap water.
  • An old filter may become clogged with sediment and bacterial build-up, reducing its effectiveness in purifying your drinking water.
  • Removing an old filter on a regular basis can help ensure that the water you’re drinking is as pure and safe as possible.
  • Poorly maintained filters can also produce an unpleasant taste or smell in your drinking water, so replacing them regularly will help keep it fresh and clean-tasting.
  • Old filters may not be able to handle water pressure.


Is It Safe To Use Hot Water With This Filter?

It is not safe to use hot water with this filter. It is recommended that you use cold or room-temperature water. The filter may be damaged if used with hot water. To protect the filter, it is essential to avoid using water warmer than 82°F/28°C.

What Type Of Filter Do You Currently Use?

What Type Of Filter Do You Currently Use
PUR water filter

Pur Plus-With Lead Reduction: This filter is designed to reduce lead from tap water, along with other select contaminants.

Pur Filter: This filter removes more than 70 contaminants including chlorine, lead, and mercury.

How Often Should I Change Pitcher Filter?

How Often Should I Change Pitcher Filter
Change Pitcher Filter

Pitcher filters need to be replaced every 40 gallons or 2 months.


Different filters may require different steps in order to remove them, so be sure to consult your product manual or the manufacturer’s instructions before starting. Cleaning your pitcher regularly and changing it on time ensures that your water stays clean and free of contaminants, you can rest assured that your family is drinking safe and healthy water.

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